Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We are trying to adopt.....

Isn't he adorable?  He's a 4 year old West Highland Terrier and I just fell in love as soon as I saw his sweet face.  We are trying to adopt him from the Little Dog Rescue here in Orlando and we should know within the next few days if Oliver will be coming to live with us.  
(I'm going to change my cat to a dog but how?)
As always, Barbara

PS.  Update on Oliver.  I just found out that another couple put in for his adoption before I did so I'm not too sure if we will get him.  I'll keep you updated.


Jane said...

He's gorgeous, I'll keep everything crossed that all goes well and 4 little paws comes to live in your house very soon xxx

Carol said...

Oh, he is sweet--hope it all works out for you, Barbara!

Terri said...

Good luck! He is a cutie!

Bekca said...

He's so cute! Good luck with the adoption :)