Monday, February 7, 2011

Some new threads....

 I mentioned a few days ago that I had ordered some new threads.  Well they came today and I am so anxious to get my little needle into them.  First was more of Vikki's HDF silks.  I ordered two minis of Primitive Black, one of Rum Cherry and one of Old Maid of the Vineyard.  These will be going in to stitching some quakers I have in mind.
Below is the picture of the threads I bought from Nina.  This is the first time I purchased some, but I assure you it won't be the last.  These are such yummy colors!!!  They are Cherry Cola, Rose Tea, Old Berry, Hackberry and Spring Passion.  I haven't decided what design these are going to be used for but I know I'm gonna love stitching with them.  If you haven't checked out these hand dyed fibers of Nina, you might want to take a won't be sorry.
As always,


Jane said...

Hi Barbara
Just found you via Lainey's Stitching Hoose so popped over to take a peek. Gorgeous stitching and love the new threads and fabric stash. You live in my most favourite place in the world and I miss Florida terriby when I'm not there, Christmas was very chilly out in Orlando, hope it's warmed up again now, will be following you to keep a check!!!
(Buttons & Stitches x x x)

Barbara said...

Welcome Jane. It has gotten alot warmer since Christmas here in Orlando and right now it's getting ready to rain. Thank you for the lovely words about my stitching and who doesn't love to get more stash.