Sunday, February 27, 2011

I was a really, really bad girl....but what fun it was!!!!

 First are all the Blackbird Designs.  I made mention in another post that these two ladies really outdid themselves for this market and here's the proof.  If you haven't considered purchasing the Stitcher's Journal, wait until you see it to make up your mind.  This book is just packed full of great designs and then to make matters worse, they came out with some individual designs that I couldn't pass up.  Now you can see why I am dedicating the month of April to nothing but Blackbird Designs.
 Next up are some miscellaneous pieces that I couldn't say no to.  I purchased two 18 x 18 pieces of 30ct. linen for an outstanding price and I'm going to dye these myself.  The other 3 items are an Eiffel Tower Needleminder, a pair of scissors I've had my eye on and some pins with sheep on them for Jenn.
 Next up are 3 designs that should take no time at all to stitch but are just adorable.  "Scissors" from Cherry Wood Designs, Bluebird Alphabet from Just Nan and Fresh from the Garden from Little House Needleworks.
 One of my favorite design company's is La D Da and I couldn't pass up these two new ones.  Also from Shakespeare's Peddler comes Sampler Roundy.  This comes in a round tin and has everything you need except the linen.  
 These three designs I just couldn't say no to no matter how hard I tried.  One is from the Stitching Parlor called Red Peacock and it comes with a wooden hornbook and an antique reproduction chart.  Then there's Quaker Pocket Needful from Primitive Traditions and last but not least is the Six Sided Box by a french company Dessins DHC.
And last up is the Thistle Sewing Set from Acorn House.  This has a matching needleminder and it looks like it's gonna be alot of fun to stitch.
So you can see I was quite naughty but sometimes you just have to be.  LOL  I hope each one of you had as much fun as I did looking at all the new designs from this year's Nashville Market.  
Oh I forgot to tell you....I also have some things on back order and they will be in later.  I almost fainted when Debbie informed me that I have more coming.  I wonder if I qualify for stimulus money from Obama?  LOL  I promise I won't get on that soapbox.  
Blessings as always,


Lelia said...

You chose well! I'm heading to the LNS this week + look forward to bringing a haul home ; )

Carolyn said...

Oh how I wish we had an LNS! I'm drooling all over my computer, especially over all those Blackbird all time favorite designer. They all look awesome! So what will you stitch first? I'd have to waller in all of it first! Love, Thel

StitchinSweetSue said...

Well good for you Barbara, a very nice haul indeed. Give a holler if you find the need to be rescued from under your splendid pile o' stash:) Enjoy!


carol fun said...

Oh such wonderful goodies! Hey you have to be "bad" every one in a while and oh it is lots of fun! I have several of the BBD pieces on order and can't wait to see the new book - Happy stitching!

Deborah said...

Wonderful stash! i have gotten a number of the same designs.

Mouse said...

Ohh wow I have just had to mop up the lady like dribble from looking at all that lovely lovely stash ... ohhhhh I feel the need to write those down on my must have list *sigh what a chore heheheh love mouse xxxx

Carol said...

You bought yourself some lovely treats, Barbara--can't wait to see some of them showcased on your blog :)

Patty C. said...

Wonderful Stash !!!!

Connie said...

Now you've got me wanting to be a bad girl, too! I've got my eye on several of those Blackbird designs - and that book is awfully tempting. Hope you'll be stitching something from it real soon so I know how soon I need to get it myself!