Sunday, September 5, 2010

A knitting project finished - happy dance time

I love happy dances!!! I finished the wool head band I was knitting for Jenn to wear when she goes jogging this winter. Since she lives in Colorado, I figured this would come in very handy. It buttons at the base of the neck and won't be in the way of her wearing a pony tail when she jogs. I absolutely loved the wool yarn I used....a superwash wool from Ella Rae which is super soft and will feel wonderful covering her ears.
I've started another knitting project. It's an actual hat for Jenn knitted in a fingering weight wool that is made just a little different. I will wait until I'm finished to post a picture because I sincerely doubt I could describe it in a way that you would understand.
Well tomorrow is Labor Day and I hope for the millions without a job, that you are able to find work soon. November cannot get here fast enough for me.
Everyone have a Blessed Sunday and a safe and happy Labor Day.
As always, Barbara


Bekca said...

I'm sure Jenn will love your beautiful, yet practical gift. Can't wait to see your next project, best wishes.

PeteJustPete said...

Did you design the headband or is there a pattern you can refer me to? Thank you!