Sunday, April 18, 2010

Slow Going

I'm still plucking away on the JN Butterfly Holder but it's been slow going on this one. Have you ever noticed that you can't get as much stitching done when hubby is in the house? Well mine had a 3 day weekend this week and it's put me behind schedule.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I feel so bad for the people in Europe who are feeling the effects of the volcanic ash cloud. I can't imagine having to breath that air all the time....and all the people stranded here in the US because the airlines aren't flying over there. I wonder how this is going to effect everyone this coming week.
The weather has been really nice here in Orlando but I hope we get some rain flowers could use a good wetting. I don't know about you but I love visiting other blogs to see what pics of flowers they have posted. It makes me kind of homesick when I see some flowers we can't plant here because of the heat.
Here's wishing all of you a blessed Sunday.
As always, Barbara


Elaine said...

Your Just Nan is looking great Barb.
Airspace is still at a standstill here in Scotland, they say this could continue for months.
My hubby has some pretty flowers on his photography website, you can visit at
They are all flowers taken in places in the UK.

Bekca said...

That's some really great progress, can't wait to see the finished piece! A few friends of mine are stuck abroad because of the ash, but they should be home safe by next week.
I really enjoy reading your blog and love to see all of your wonderful finishes :)

Daffycat said...

Somehow, I always find Just Nan's take me longer anyway...and having DH around it is usually, "Honey, where is this?" or "Help me with that!" Am I right? LOL

Barbara said...

You ladies are so right. Elaine I am going right now to check out the website of your hubbies. Bekca..I hope your friends make it home safely and Daffycat you couldn't be more right. I swear we have lived in the same house for 28 years and my hubby still can't find anything. Don't ya just love em??? LOL

Barbara said...

Elaine if you read this could you please email me at I have a question about your husbands website. Thanks!!