Monday, April 19, 2010

A Happy Dance Finish

Well with hubby at work today, I was able to finish this Just Nan Winder Holder. If you are familiar with the pattern, Nan had a flap that opened up and it had a piece of wool for your needles. Well I figured I had enough needle holders and I wanted a pinkeep. When I did my finishing, I took away the flap and added white straight pins. I just love the new thread holders she came out with and this was a fun stitch....I think. LOL
Just a word of daughter Jenn knitted the beautiful blue doily for me. Have I told you she is an awesome knitter? Well she is and I will post a picture of a shawl her knitted for me tomorrow.


MrsB said...

A gorgeous finish, and a lovely doily!

Bekca said...

That's a really cute pinkeep, love how you've edited it.

Amy said...

WONDERFUL finish! I love this one!

D@isy said...

Congratulations this beautiful.