Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Concern For A Friend

Good Tuesday morning to you all.
Today I start out with a great deal of hope that my dearest friend is going to have a good day today. I won't mention her name because she has a right to her privacy but as she reads this, she will know I'm talking about her. She had a very great loss last year and she still has not come to grips with it and it is destroying any life she had. I feel for her loss because I have gone thru it too and all I can say to her is it will get better. Aren't they very simple words for measuring how she feels. "It will get better". Who is to say that this actually will happen and who are we to even suggest such a thing? This sweet lady has me very worried and I pray for her every night. She knows she has a great family who supports her all the time but for some reason, this is not enough to stop her pain.
I have posted the above pictures in hopes that as the cherry blossoms always come out in all their glory in the spring...she too will find hope that her life will come back to normal and that she will enjoy it again. Love ya lady!!
As always, Barbara

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Angel-Smile said...

Dear Barbara,
a wonderful picture, I`ve never seen before.My english is too bad for saying the right words. But I think I know what she feels and it is terrible - believe me, I know it too. I will think at her...and hope,that she get the power for coming out of this darkness.