Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Danybrod finish

I love this ladies designs. If you have never looked at her blog.... take the's well worth it. This one was stitched using HDF silks by Vikki Hastings on 32ct. cream Belfast linen. There are two pages of wool to hold your different size needles and a pocket in the middle to hold scissors.
This is the third design of hers I have stitched and I have several more so stay tuned.
As always, Barbara


Elaine said...


Angel-Smile said...

it is very beautiful! And you are very quick to finish a work!
I don`t know what is a "Danybrod",
but i will have a look at the blog you said.

Sandrajay: said...

Lovely needlecase! Dany does some really beautiful designs!

Manka said...

Your works are so beautiful! I'm glad to have found your blog!!

Barbara said...

Thank you ladies...and welcome to my blog. Hope you enjoy your stay.

saras said...

Does the pattern come to your email? Or is there additional shipping? And does it have the finishing directions with it?! :) Thinking of purchasing it!

Natalia said...

Barbara, this is beautiful ! I have checked her blog and she has beautiful designs. Could you tell me where you were able to buy her designs? Thanks so much !

Barbara said...

Natalie, you can find her patterns right on her blog. Under the picture of her finished one, you will find a link to purchase the pattern. If you have a problem please let me know and I'll help you. Just send me an email. Thank you for your wonderful comments. Barbara