Monday, March 1, 2010

Blue Heart Pincushion Finish

I finished another item this morning while hubby was home sick. Something is going around and it seems we both have gotten it. This pincushion stitched up very fast with a varigated thread and I finished it into a pincushion with a pretty cotton fabric. I even made some straight pins to match....aren't I clever.....LOL....don't answer that. This one is for sale so look for it in my "finished items" folder to the right.

I hope everyone is having a good March 1st. It's sunny and kind of warm here in Orlando but tomorrow it's calling for rain. My pansies or monkey faces as some people call them, are looking very cheerful and bright and the jasmine that is planted beside the front porch is in bloom and smells wonderful. For you that have never smelled a citrus tree when it is in bloom ,you are really missing out. We have a red grapefruit tree in our front yard and when it blooms, the perfume is so wonderful. We lost our orange tree this last winter and we haven't replaced it yet but that will be remedied this spring. We had a valencia and I'm hoping we can replace it with the same.

Well it's time to start something new and I have decided I'm going to do one of the new designs from Blackbird Designs. It's the Summer House Pincushion ....have you noticed how many pincushions I stitch? What can I say ..... I absolutely love them and this one is no exception. I am stitching it on my last piece of 28ct. Whittenburg. This is a fabric that has been out of production for many years and I've been holding on to this last piece for about 3 years. Well I think I've found the perfect pattern to do on it so I will share with you soon.
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