Sunday, November 12, 2017

Zane and Project Bags

Good Sunday to all of you who have stopped by.  Nothing is greater than getting to hold a baby that is part of your family and knowing that it will grow up being loved.  My DH and I went over yesterday to welcome the new addition into our little family.  He is so precious and don't you just love that new baby smell!  Here is a picture of our Little Zane sleeping peacefully.  Doesn't he look like a doll?  He has a large piece of my heart already.

We all went out for BBQ to a restaurant named The Mission.  If you have one of these near you, I highly recommend it.  Their theme is the military and veterans and yesterday being Veterans Day, they had bagpipes and all veterans ate free.  They have fabulous food and the price is very reasonable.  

I was busy yesterday and today finishing up some project bags for my store.  I've been in the mood to do some sewing and these I came up with.
Babs Bunny
11 x 12

Petunia Pig
10.5 x 12

Bette Davis
11 x 11

Perfect Rose
11 x 12

Winter Wreath
11 x 12

I always have fun finding that right pattern to suit the cotton fabric and this time especially.  The bunny I just fell in love with her.  She looks so shy and bashful.  Up north there is a wild flower called Queen Anne's Lace and it's one of my favorites and I love how Petunia is holding one.  The Winter Wreath is a no brainer with the beautiful red cardinals against the snowy background.  The Perfect Rose because it reminds me of the rose bushes my Mother had  and Bette Davis because when I first saw this pattern she instantly came to mind.  She's my all time favorite actress from the 30's and 40's.  You'll find all of these in the Project Bags for Sale store.  

I hope each and every one of you has a fantastic week ahead and is able to hug and tell a family member you love them.  

Blessings, Barbara


Vickie said...

Zane is just beautiful. Yes, he does look like a little doll. Your project bags are super Barbara!

Robin in Virginia said...

Barbara, thanks for sharing another photo of Zane with us. Give him a hug for me. Lovely project bags that you have created!

Marilyn said...

Zane looks so cute sleeping peacefully.
Great project bags!

diamondc said...

Barbara: Zane is so sweet looking, what a cutey pie.
I love BBQ, we do not have one of them here, we have Famous Daves BBQ
Love your bags I need to check them out.


Justine said...

Gorgeous Zane! He's lovely and yes just like a little doll.

I love your project bags...great job.