Saturday, November 4, 2017

A finish and a shocker

Good Saturday afternoon to all my fellow stitchers.  I hope you are doing better than I am.  I woke up yesterday with another case of bronchitis.  This is twice this fall and I am never this sick so often.  Old age will kill you!

My finish is a project bag celebrating the fall season.  It has a machine embroidered pumpkin with lots of curly cues and the fabric has blackbirds.  Now how can you go wrong with that combination?  It turned out about 10 x 12 and is lined in a black checked primitive cotton fabric and is padded with Warm and Natural cotton batting.  If you are interested, you'll find this in my store of Finished Project Bags for Sale.

This past week was Little John's first trip to the dentist.  I'm telling you this little boy continues to shock us 24/7.  He sat in that big chair like he owned it and wasn't afraid and did everything the Dentist asked him to do.  He wasn't even afraid of the pick instrument that they jab you with.  Here's our big boy in the chair.  The sunglasses are so the light doesn't hurt their eyes.

I thought I'd give you an update on Belle.  They discovered that she is allergic to chicken protein and that's why she was breaking out in little pimples.  Since going on a special diet, her coat is beautiful and here's her and Little John taking a nap on her bed.

Then there's my little brat... Vallie.  I've left her coat grow a little longer with winter coming and she's so fluffy!!!

That's all for now.  Between the sore throat and the body aches....bed is calling my name.  I hope all of you are doing well and continue thru the season of flu.

Blessings, Barbara


marly said...

Oh that Vallie is so darn cute. Glad the pup's problem was found. Little John does better in that office than this 66 year old does. Maybe you caught an adenovirus? Hope you feel better.

Vickie said...

What a lovely project bag you created! I can testify to the excellent quality of your work Barbara. I use the project bags you gave me and love them. :D

Get some rest Barbara dear. Cuddle with sweet Vallie. I refuse to call her a brat!! ;)

Robin in Virginia said...

Barbara, I do hope you are feeling better soon; get plenty of rest and drink up on the fluids. Vallie is a cute and glad they figured out Belle's problem. Your project bag is gorgeous.

Barb said...

Love the project bag Barbara, the fabric with the birds on is so lovely.Wow when did Little John grow into a big brave boy.
Love the little white cloud she is gorgeous, big cuddle from me.
Now onto you take care my friend and feel well soon.xx

Bethan said...

I hope you are feeling better soon, Barbara. A lovely project bag; such beautiful stitching! I'm glad Belle is better x

Sweet Sue said...

the gunk is going around, 3 weeks of coughing for me, not fun for me and annoying to those around me. feel better soon my friend. that 'lil guy isn't so 'lil anymore. cute bag and pups:)

Krissy B. said...

Little Vallie is the cutest dog. Looks like she's giving you some attitude or is she wondering why you are sick again. Hope you feel better soon.

diamondc said...

Barbara: I am sad you are ill again, I had pneumonia again, the doc said once you get it its easy to get again, I was never sick i had not had a cold or flu in over 15 years and bam last spring I had neuro virus, pneumonia and dehydration, please drink loads of water.
Love Little John he looks like a movie star with the sunglasses, so cute, Vallie is adorable with longer hair, as for it is so great you found out that she had an allergy, I am amazed at what animals are allergic too.
That bag is something I need to check out it is lovely.


Pam in IL said...

Sorry to hear that you are sick again. My mom was getting bronchitis over and over again so I took her to an ENT specialist. He put her on Zyrtec and Nasacort and the bronchitis has cleared up. Little John is so cute! I have a senior dog that is also allergic to chicken protein. Our vet says it is the most common allergy among dogs. I've discovered that it is really difficult to find dog food without any type of chicken in it. I have found a few brands, but boy are they expensive. Since switching Dottie Dog over to completely chicken free food, her digestive and skin issue are so much better.

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