Sunday, June 25, 2017

I'm getting old!

Hi my sweet peeps.  Hope everything is good where you are and that you had a fantastic weekend.  Mine was so so.  I've been having back problems again.  I've had a bad back all my life and sometimes it acts up.  This week was one of those times.  It's better now and you just go on with your life hoping the next time doesn't come around.
I have sad news about the Lavender & Lace Angel of Light was I stitching.  I discovered I just can't do large projects anymore at all.  Between the shaking and the lack of just didn't work out.  I sent everything to the lady I was doing it for in hopes that she can find someone to finish it.  I do have some small projects I would like to do but I just can't think right now about doing them.  I started a new shawl.  This one uses a yarn called "Cotton Flowers" and it's from Germany.  It is a 4 plied gradient yarn that is cotton and acrylic.  It's wonderful to work with.  Here are some pictures of what the skein looks like after working on this for about 3 days and the other is what I have finished so you can see the gradient colors.

This yarn starts out a very pale yellow, goes to minty green and ends up baby blue.  The shawl is already pretty good size and I'm about half way finished.

Sad news about my baby Vallie.  She has to have surgery on the 13th of July.  She has developed a wart on the inside corner of her left eye and it has to be removed.  Thank goodness they don't have to keep her overnight because she just wouldn't go for that.  I drop her off about 7 am and pick her back up about 5 pm.  I'd appreciate a prayer or two for my furbaby.  I'll be a nervous wreck till she's back home with her mommy and daddy.  

Now I want to introduce you to a new member of Peyton and John's family.  Her name is Belle and she's a rescue.  I wasn't too sure about her at first but she fell instantly in love with Peyton and every time she walks by Little John she licks his cheek.  The Vet thinks she's between 6 mos. and 1 year old.  

Well that's all the news hereabouts so I just want to say thank you to all of you ladies who read my blog.  I've met some wonderful people through this blog and I thank my lucky stars for each and every one of you.

Blessings for the week, Barbara


marly said...

Sorry about your back, glad it has improved somewhat. Welcome Belle! Please let us know how Vallie handles the surgery.

Monica said...

Hi! I am new to your blog! Will keep you sweet baby in my thoughts!

Marilyn said...

I hope your back pain goes away soon.
Sometimes we just have to say no if things don't work out.
The yarn is beautiful, they have such pretty yarns now.
More and more companies are winding the yarns into those rolls now, great idea.
Belle is so pretty!
Oh, I do hope Vallie won't miss you too much, good luck to her with the surgery.
She must get many treats when she gets home. ;)

Barb said...

Hello there my friend over the pond, Well I have to say Backs are a real pain. I too have a few problems with mine , awaiting physio appt
but not holding my breath. Have to see consultant again in 6 months. You seem to be having lots of health problems and I feel for you not being able to do the things you want. Your knitting is gorgeous though and if that helps well I am sure the wool companies won't mind. Awww poor Vallie,she will be in good hands though and soon be home with you , although in a dog owners life a day can be an awful long time when they are at the vets. you could knit her a blanket for when she comes home. Belle looks a lovely dog , we may one day decide to get another it is horrible with out one.
Take care sweetie ,seems like this is more of a letter than a comment . Hugs to all.

Robin in Virginia said...

Barbara, I hope your back issues are better and continue in that direction. Your new shawl is looking lovely; what a pretty yarn you are using. Vallie is and will be in my thoughts and prayers. Belle is adorable.

Vickie said...

Barbara I am glad your back is settled down now again. Such a pain!! That is too bad about the Angel of Light, but that is okay. You know your own limits. Little Vallie will do very well in surgery because so many of us will be praying for her!! ♥

diamondc said...

Barbara: I hope your back is feeling better, I am so sad you have to go through this pain.
Love the photo of Vallie, what a cutie.
Belle is a lovely looking dog.
I am so sorry you cannot finish the Angel of Light, I hope ahe finds someone to finish it.


Bethan said...

I hope your back is feeling better. I will have my fingers crossed for Vallie in surgery. It's a shame you had to pass a project back, but it's good to know where our limits are x