Monday, March 20, 2017

Good Monday Morning

Hello darlin's.  I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend filled with fun and laughter.  We had a terrific one.  I have a few pictures to share with you and then a big announcement.
First off, Little John was over to visit yesterday and he found a unique sitting spot on my table that my father made me years ago.  I think you'll agree he's very inventive.
We still haven't figured out how he got in there but Peyton had a dicken's of a time getting him out.  :)

John's uncle that took the pictures at the wedding gave them a beautiful keepsake of that day.  In the gardens that surrounded this beautiful estate were little statues.  One of them were two little children sitting on a bench reading a book.  He was able to catch this one of Little John pointing to the pages of the book.  He loves to be read to so he recognized the book right away.  I think it's very adorable.
And with Easter coming I wanted to do the finishing on my Happy Easter bunny pillow.  I thought it was perfect with the Easter colored Hershey Kisses that just jump into my hand whenever I walk by.  

That's all for now.  It's Monday so it's laundry day.....

Oh yeah the big surprise.  Peyton and John told us yesterday that Peyton is pregnant and the baby will be here in November.  We have our fingers crossed plus a few toes that this one is a girl.  Little John needs a little sister to play with.  They wanted to have two children close together and that's exactly what they will have.  I pray everything goes okay and Peyton and the baby are healthy.

Blessings, Barbara


Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on the news of the upcoming new grandbaby! Both pictures of Little John are darling. Barbara, your Easter finishes are adorable. Have a wonderful day!

Vickie said...

Oh how wonderful!♥ Peyton and baby are in my prayers.
Your Easter stitching is adorable. As is Little John. :D

Marilyn said...

Little John is too cute under that table.
What a keepsake of a picture, that will be a real treasure.
The bunny pillow turned out cute.
Congrats to Peyton & John, how exciting!