Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Some finishing work

I hope everybody's Tuesday is going fine so far.  Hubby has an appointment at the Pulmonary Doctor this afternoon.  Let's hope everything goes okay in that direction.

I finally put together the ring pillow for Peyton and John's wedding.  Her colors are dark purple and light green.  I couldn't find the right shade of green ribbon so I used white to hold the rings on.  You probably can't see it in the picture, but on opposite sides of the pillow top are their initials.  This picture shows it before it was stuffed.

Then I was up at my LNS this past Saturday and a lady there wanted me to come up with something that would hold all of her stitching items.  This is what I did:

It has plenty of pockets for whatnots and even a pincushion.  It folds up to be about 4 x 10.5 inches and closes with a pretty silver button.  She wanted the word "Gadgets" added to it.  I hope this is what she had in mind.

Now for the cameo that I'm working to make it look primitive.

I'm stitching it on Tin Roof with black Splendor Silk.  It's going to be made into a pincushion with bead work around the edges.  I'm going to use a combination of flat black and flat grey beads.  I'll post a picture when finished.  By the way, I love this Tin Roof color....very primitive.

Blessings For The Week, Barbara


Robin in Virginia said...

Hope the doctor's visit for your husband goes smoothly! What a fun gadgets holder you created, Barbara. Way to go! Well done on the ring pillow for Peyton and John. Your prim cameo is looking good. Enjoy your week!

Vickie said...

I have been praying Barbara!
You are a very clever lady!!

Sweet Sue said...

your work is truly a.m.a.z.i.n.g. lucky bride:)