Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Birthday to Little John

Yesterday was his party and we all had a ball.  It was held at the Veteran's Memorial Park in Orange City here in Florida and it's beautiful.
It's hard to imagine that he is 1 year old already but time does move on.  Here are some pictures of the party.
Before he got his cupcake to dig in to.

After the cupcake which he really liked

The park has a splash pad for the little
kids and he just loves this
Splash pad

Proud Mom and Dad
Opening his many, many presents

It was a fun time and we all enjoyed being with him on this special day.

Have a Blessed Day,


Vickie said...

Happy Birthday to Little John! It is our oldest son's birthday. Our Jacob is 22!

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy birthday wishes to Little John! It looked like he really enjoyed his day and cupcake. Barbara, thank you for sharing the pictures with us.

Sweet Sue said...

so sweet, happy bday little one. the older i get i sometimes think it might be nice... if we could start over 1:)

Bethan said...

Happy birthday to Little John! Thank you for sharing

Marilyn said...

Happy B-Day to little John.
I bet he had a blast!

La Nouille said...

Happy birthday Little John!
He is a real cutie!!!

Barb said...

Gorgeous just gorgeous. Where was granny Barbara with him though. Enjoy every minute with him , the years go by so quickly .Many hugs from over here.

diamondc said...

Barbara: Happy Birthday to the cutest Little John in the world.