Sunday, September 18, 2016

A start and a finish

I hope everybody has had a fantastic weekend so far whether it be with loved ones or just sitting and stitching.  
I had to start a new project besides the Shepherds Bush one because I just fell in love with this little snowman.  He is stitched in primitive colors which suits me just fine.  I decided he was having some "Wintertime fun" and made him a label.  Buttons at the corners finished him off real nicely.  Teresa Kogut is the designer and you'll find the pattern in my store.

 I've been working on Slate Snowman for about 2 days so I haven't gotten very far but I thought I'd show you the fabric.  I love it!

Remember my Lizzie Kate candle mat I made and remember I forgot to stitch the ball at the end of santa's hat?  Well I decided  since I forgot to do this before I put him together, that I would use a button for the ball.  I like it!

That's all for now except to wish everyone a Blessed Sunday....


marly said...

Oh I like that fabric too! A very nice blue.

Marilyn said...

Cute Snowman.
The slate Snowman will be pretty on that fabric too.
The button on the Santa looks great.

Barb said...

Hello Barbara,
You popped in my email box this morning, just after the postman had delivered a pattern from you , oh it is lovely and can I just say your stitching is exquisite. hope I can do it justice. Love your little snowman and the way you have added the Wintertime fun to the finish , you are so talented.
I finished snowflake yesterday so look for a blog post next Saturday. Enjoy your week ,I am already looking toward your next post. Ollie is out of sorts today , I think too much swimming in the sea. He is on the lead walking for a few days to let his tummy settle. Pats for Vallie.

Mii Stitch said...

A lovely little snowman and fabulous fabric!!!
Have fun with your little xxxxx

Vickie said...

A perfect finish to Wintertime Fun! The buttons look great at the end of Santa's hat. Good job!

diamondc said...

Barbara: Love the Snowman pillow, wonderful finishing, I love the buttons in the corners, I love primitive colors myself.
The Shepherds Bush Snowman is an adorable design, I have many and I mean many Shepherds Bush patterns I need to start stitching, the fabric for your Snowman is fabulous.
I like the idea of the button better then the the ball, it lays flatter so no chance of a spill or tip.
The magazine I bought from you arrived thank-you so much it is in my to do basket.


Robin in Virginia said...

Your 'star' snowman is a cutie, Barbara. I like how you finished him. You have made good progress on the slate snowman. Enjoy your week!