Monday, July 25, 2016

Two finishes

Okay the question for today is.....whoever enjoys doing laundry stand up.  Well I see no one standing so there's my answer.  I've always done laundry on Monday and it's just a grand way to start out the week.  What I did do during the first load is finish the shawl for my friend in Pa.

I hope she likes it!  I'm not going to mail it out until some cooler weather has hit the north because I want to make her a cowl also.

I actually did the finishing work on a project I stitched months ago.  I do like how it turned out.  I stitched this on 32ct. China White Jobelan with silks.

This was a free SAL provided by Jardin Prive and it's still available if you are interested in stitching it.  It's a fun stitch and I highly recommend it. 

Well back to the good old laundry.  Wouldn't it be grand if clothing was disposable and you just got new ones and didn't have to wash them!!!.....oh and they're free.  I'm gain!

Ya'll have a great week and hopefully someone  somewhere is having some cooler temps.

Blessings, Barbara


gracie said...

Beautiful shawl and thank you for the link for the sampler...I had not seen it before.

Justine said...

You made me laugh out loud (on the train home from work) with your laundry solution!
I love the Jardin Prive design, like Gracie I haven't seen it before either. I think you finished it beautifully.

Robin in Virginia said...

Barbara, your shawl and bell pull finishes are fabulous. Thank you for providing the link to the cross stitch design. Hmmm, I actually like doing the laundry. Probably because I can do other things while it is doing its thing on the washer or dryer. Enjoy your day!

Vickie said...

Oh the shawl is so pretty Barbara!
The bell pull finish is just perfect. How lovely it is!

Marilyn said...

The shawl is beautiful, and the Jardin Prive piece turned out nice.
Still very hot and humid here also.

Barb said...

Hi there Barbara,
Well laundry seems to be done every day in this household, it is the ironing that get to me . My
mother worked in a hospital laundry before she married,she loved ironing and when she came to stay made a point of doing all mine.Everything had to be ironed and I used to love to watch her when I was little, I was allowed to do the handkerchiefs. So I have grown up to iron everything ,but I draw the line at tea towels and socks.Sad aren't I.. my daughter does NOT take after me. The shawl is beautiful you are so talented. I too have stitched the Jardin Prive one and have it hanging in my summer house. Think I have let my fingers run away with me again hope all is well with you all. Hugs

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Fabulous finishes!!

Mii Stitch said...

Ugh, laundry days are the worth!!!
I can't believe I do mine on Saturdays... I am obviously wasting precious stitching time ;)
Love the SAL finish!
I have started it & soon gave up because my piece of fabric was too small (d'oh!) but I love the way you've finished it, it really look great.

Cindy's Stitching said...

She will love the shawl. Really pretty.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Another great finish and some more lovely hangers too.
I must be the only one who doesn't mind laundry! Chuck it all in the machine and go and do something more interesting; take it out, hang it on the line to dry. Sit down and watch for rain! Even ironing can be done while watching TV or with the radio on. And you have a lovely big pile of evidence to show your family!