Monday, June 27, 2016


We had a summer storm here the other night and it blew down a large limb from our maple tree in the front yard.  Luckily it only hit our fence and not the neighbors.  It was 98 degrees on saturday when we were chopping it up and putting it into cans and of course I did my usual routine of passing out.  Came to and our sweet neighbor Katie was putting cold wet paper towels on me to lower my body temp.  It's been miserable here and today DH had a doctors appointment at 3:30.  We got in the car and the temperature reading was 102 degrees.  If it's this hot now I won't be able to make it thru August.  I hope all you sweet ladies have been able to keep cool in this horrible heat we're experiencing this year.

I am so proud of myself and the progress I am making on Three Gables.  Here's the latest update:

I hope you don't get tired of me talking about Little John and posting pictures of him but I just get the biggest kick out of him.  Here's one Peyton sent me this morning.  Now doesn't it look like Chloe is saying to Peyton, "Mom I tried to keep him out but he just wouldn't listen to me".  LOL

As Peyton says "he's such a stinker".  

Hope everyone has a Blessed Week

PS.  Thought I'd add a picture of how Vallie likes to help me stitch.  NOT!


Vickie said...

That sure is hot Barbara! Yikes!
Yes, Chloe and Vallie are precious. Little John is certainly on the move!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

It has been too hot and humid in Indiana for my tastes - I'm ready for Fall!

Robin in Virginia said...

That is too hot for me. Stay cool and hydrated, Barbara! You are making super progress on Three Gables. I enjoy your pictures of Little John, Valie and Chloe.

diamondc said...

Vallie: Love how you help Mom with her stitching.
John is a little cutie, if I had Grandchildren I would be posting photos all the time, it looks like Chloe is saying get this on tape I did not do this giggles.
Your progress on Three Gables makes me sooo jealous, wonderful progress.
I am one who is always cold, I sit outdoors and stitch in 100 degree weather with high humidity, not my Husband, he stays indoors when the temps reach into 90s.


Marilyn said...

I hope you are ok recovering from the heat.
Little John may be a stinker, but a cute stinker at that! :)
Chloe and Vallie are both too cute, and Vallie looks so fluffy.
Greta progress on Gables!
Take care.