Monday, January 4, 2016

The beginning of a New Year

Well here it is 2016 .... makes the mind boggle.  
Hubby is doing better everyday.  This afternoon we went to Outback Steakhouse for lunch with a gift card we received.  It was quite tasty and because we ate so much there, I didn't have to cook dinner and that's always a good thing.  I hate cooking!  He goes to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor this Wednesday.  He hasn't been able to talk above a whisper since the surgery and they think that when he was placed on the ventilator, they damaged nerves in the back of his throat.  So now I have a very quiet husband.......bad or not bad?  Can't decide.  LOL  So now we'll wait and see what comes of that.  He will be returning to work on Feb. 1st and as much as I love him, it can't get here soon enough.  Although the sleeping late in bed every morning is nice!
Remember me talking about a CAL I joined that had to do with Downtown Abbey?  Well it started yesterday and here is my finished first clue:
I'm using a Cascade Heritage Silk yarn that's called Strawberry Cream.  I think I'll add some crystal beads to it for just a little twinkle.
I haven't done any stitching at all since before Christmas.  I want to get back to working on my Stacy Nash sampler but I fear that won't be till dh goes back to work.  He's thrown my schedule all out of wack.
That's all for now mostly because I have nothing else to report.....except Little John is getting cuter every day.  They were here on Saturday and I got to rock him to sleep in my Grandmother's rocker.  It's not the smoothest rock so I told my hubby I must get a new one just to rock Little John in.  He actually looked at me as if I was nuts.  Why don't men understand these things?  Geesh

Blessings Upon You, Barbara


Cindy's Stitching said...

I am sure in time he will heal.

Robin in Virginia said...

Happy New Year, Barbara! Your CAL block looks great. Hope the ENT can figure out the issue with your husband's voice.

Marilyn said...

I'm glad your dh is feeling better.
I hope you have loads of fun with Little John this year.
He is too darn cute.

Vickie said...

Oh Barbara, your crochet is lovely.

Fay and Charlette said...

Hi Barbara. Hope your Hubby's voice gets better. Wishing you and your grandson many a nap spent in a new rocker!! Hugs, Christina in Miami