Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Things are getting better....

Today was the last day for the visiting nurse and I can only say that I felt alot better when I knew she was coming to check on DH.  The one we had was such a sweetheart but I had to hide Vallie from her because she wanted to take her along.  I never saw Vallie take to someone like she did Nordeen....maybe she realized she was there to help Daddy.
We went to the cardiologist this past Monday and he was a little concerned about DH breathing so he started him on Xoponex which has made quite a difference.  DH is actually going to sleep in bed tonight laying down instead of in his lazyboy.  Should be interesting to see how the night goes and how he feels in the morning.  This has been quite a learning experience for me.  One of the major things I learned is that I have more patience than I thought I had.   :o)  Also, how much difference our tastes in tv watching is.  When he is working I either have on the History, Discovery or DIY channels.  He hates all of them and likes to watch movies.  Patience.....and learn to smile a lot.
I have done a few stitches  in a sampler I'm working on but nothing to extreme. 
 I've also joined a CAL on Ravelry.  It's a shawl and if you are interested in it, here's where it's located on Ravelry.http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/downton-abbey-mcal-2016

Also, has anybody else have trouble loading pictures onto their blog.  Mine keeps asking me to log in to Google and after I do it comes up with a error message.  This really has me upset to say the least.
That's all for now.  Just want to wish everyone a great week and to say thank you for stopping by.  

Blessings, Barbara


Robin in Virginia said...

Barbara, I am glad to hear your hubby is improving each and every day. Hope he does well sleeping this evening in bed. I love your new blog background. Thinking of you!

Vickie said...

So glad to know your husband is healing well. How long will the breathing treatments go on? I am praying.

Barb said...

Hello sweetie,
I am not surprised you had to hide Vallie , she is So beautiful. Ollie sends licks. Hope the night goes well , a little better each day is good. Look forward to seeing some stitching when you are able, each day must go by in a blur.

Hugs to both and a hug for Vallie.

diamondc said...

Blessings to your Husband and you, the hardest part after surgery is the waiting to heal fully, I wnt through that with my husbands heart surgery many years ago, I found I was able to adjust to his favorite programs, wrestling (ugh) Anthony Bourdain, etc, some rather interesting programs, I am like you, your choice is much like mine.
I hope he will be patient and not push the healing phase.
I have had many problems trying to upload pictures, I send messages to Google lots and lots.
I hope you are able to get more stitching in.


Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

I hope your DH got to sleep in bed. More restful when one can lay all the way down. :)
I just add HTML links from Flickr for my blog that way I don't have to mess around loading pic through blogger/google.
Hugs to you this day!