Monday, October 5, 2015

Had Exciting Weekend

It's cooled down a lot here in Orlando and I very much welcome the change.  Saturday night we went out to dinner at Kobe's Japanese Steakhouse with Peyton and John and I ate myself silly.  Their food is just fantastic and we all had a good time.
Saturday morning I had to run some errands and one of them was to find one of my knitting stores who had moved.  This store is owned and operated by a little Russian lady who really does fantastic knitting and I swear she has every kind of yarn ever made in her store.  If you want to look at what her store looks like you can check it out here.  She was having a nice reopening sale and also giveaways but you didn't know what or if you had won anything until the following morning on her website.  I bought some Madelinetosh Pashima
in a beautiful green and left.  The next morning I get up and check her website to find out I had won a $100.00 gift certificate.  I was floored!  I couldn't wait till today to go back because I had my eye on something I saw there on Saturday.  DH had off today for doc appts. so after them off I went.  I came home with:
a new Vera Bradley knitting tote that I've always wanted,

3 balls of Karabella Margrite Bulky which is Wool and Cashmere and really, really soft

and 2 skeins of Hand Maiden Casbah which is Wool, Cashmere and Nylon which will be made into a shawl for myself.
And if that wasn't enough, I came home to find an order I had mailed to WEBS for:
One is a Madeline Tosh Pashima and the other is an Alpaca blend by Asland Trends..  I am in heaven!!!!
I've started the Blessings Abound sampler for the hornbook and I want to share something with you.

Like I posted before, I decided to stitch this using Belle Soie silks.  When I picked the one above out, I thought I was picking a dark brown - idiot me never looked at the color name on the tag - but when I got to my stitching spot I noticed it wasn't brown at all but a very dark purple with hints of brown in it.  I decided to try it and see how it looked and it's fantastic.  I would never in a million years thought you could substitute a dark purple for a dark brown but in this sampler it works.

Well that's been my weekend - full of good food with loved ones and another basket full of lovely yarns which my knitting needles are just waiting to get in to.
I hope your weekend was just as lovely.
Blessings, Barbara


Barb said...

Hello Barbara, It is a very rainy day here in the UK and in a moment I am giving Ollie dog his walk ,so wellies and raincoat I think ,me not Ollie,it would ruin his street cred to be seen in a coat. He has been invited to his friend Barclays 1st birthday this afternoon argh!!!
He is another golden retriever. Love the gorgeous wool you got, and wow how lovely to win the prize , the purple cauldron looks great , an idea maybe to be used in future instead of black or brown ,thanks for the discovery. Oh the sun has just come out better get out before it starts again. Take great care of you and yours, are you on countdown yet to baby time. Silly question !!!!

Robin said...

Congratulations on your gift certificate win! What lovely yarns you picked out along with the bag! Nice start on Blessings Abound, Barbara! Glad the purple thread worked out and you didn't have to reverse stitch! Enjoy your week!

Robin in Virginia

Vickie said...

Such a fabulous gift! Love the things you got with the gift money. You have a great week my friend!

Sweet Sue said...

Wahoo, good for you, enjoy your treats:) Nice selection of yarns, that Karabella looks and sounds divine! Have a great week dear friend:)

Davis Kathi said...

Congratulations on that great win,and what a bunch of lovelies you got for yourself.Wish i knew how to knit,tried a couple of times,could never get the tension right,can't crochet either.But i can sew clothing ,home decor and anything you can sew on a machine,also quilt and cross stitch,as well as other crafts,so i didn't get left out of the crafty field.

Can't wait to see the things you make with all those pretty yarns.

Justine said...

Congratulations on your win! What a fun way to celebrate moving shops. You certainly got plenty for your money.

Marilyn said...

Congrats on your win!
Those are some beautiful yarns.
I think the color will look good for the Cauldron.