Sunday, September 13, 2015

Some of my treasures

I decided to do a little dusting today and I thought I would share some of my treasures.  I did show you the top of the cabinet where I placed Vickie's gift to me and now I thought I'd show you what was in the cabinet.  
 What this is is a 3 shelf unit that has glass doors that come down and close off the shelf.  Each shelving unit is separate from the others and they can be moved around.  Also you can add more shelves but we've never been able to find any.  I really wish we could because there's alot more items I'd like to add.

The spoon on the left was hand carved by my DH for me.  As you can see, I like to put my little pillows in here to keep them dust free.

The rocking chair in the middle was made by my father for a doll of Jenn's.

Those little brown shoes were my Father's baby shoes.  I have a picture in which he's wearing them.  The case to the left has my great-grandmother's glasses in it.  And of course the beautiful picture of my dear grandmother Anna Grace behind her baby son's shoes.

More pillows.  The tiny picture on the right is my grandmother in her old age.  Still beautiful.

My Mother loved music boxes and I made several of them for her over the years.  The small gold box on the left is one of them.  It has a picture of a bright red cardinal - her favorite bird -  on the lid.

My Father made me those Amish dolls about 40 years ago and the box in front of them is another one of the music boxes I made my Mother.  The gloves to the right were my Mother's.

This is a table made out of cherry wood made by my Father for me.  He made two of these and my oldest brother has the original that was my maternal grandmother's.  My Father was great when it came to wood working.  I have several things in my home that he made.
Just thought I'd take you on a little tour of my treasures.
I found something to work on.  It's a Hand's on Design project called "Stitch Every Day".  Here's what it will look like (hopefully).

The only difference is that I'm doing mine on a primitive green fabric..  I am going to make it into the stand up drum pincushion.  I have the lolly pin they show and I'm anxious to start it.  I knew I'd find something back there in what my husband calls "the black hole".  Men just don't appreciate how us women look at stitching items.....treasures!
Have a Blessed Week, Barbara


Sweet Sue said...

beautiful treasures:)

marly said...

How nice to have treasures kept dust free. The table your father made is beautiful!

Justine said...

Thank you for sharing your treasures. Obviously a crafty family! I love your new start.

Marilyn said...

What great treasures and memories that they bring.
Your Father did some great wood pieces.
Also, a great next project!

Barb said...

Hello Barbara, I am loving the description of what you are going to do with Stitch Every Day. The cabinet of treasures has me thinking of what I could put together . I have not got anything as splendid as my fathers shoes how wonderful. Your father was very talented ,I love wood it is so tactile,we have lots of wood items we have bought and some woodturned bowls etc Martin made.
I was so pleased to see a post from you , I think we would get on famously.
Have a good week.We have rain and high winds forecast for the rest of the week ugh.
Hugs from me to you.

blueladie said...

Such precious memories and items. Thanks, Barbara, for sharing them. :) Cathryn

Vickie said...

Oh I loved this tour! Such fabulous family treasures Barbara. So very special.
Your project is fantastic! And as a drum pincushion. Great! Can't wait to see how that all comes together. I am so intimidated to try that. I imagine they give directions for it, since it is shown finished both ways.

Robin said...

Thank you for sharing your treasures, Barbara! I love the wooden pieces that have been hand-crafted for you. Looking forward to seeing your progress on Stitch Every Day.

Robin in Virginia