Thursday, September 17, 2015

I  don't say this enough but I'm so happy for all my followers and I thank God for each and every one of you.  When I asked for prayers for my DH, you came thru and gave me the help I needed.  Thank you again.
I've been working on "Stitch Every Day" and am making slow progress.  I thought I was doing it on primitive green.....wrong!  It turned out to be Pampas (sp?) but I still love how it's looking.
I know the picture looks brown but it's really a nice shade of green.  The design has been a fun stitch so far and I'm hoping it keeps my interest long enough to finish it.  I don't know if it's the season of the year or if something else is bothering me, but I just can't concentrate on anything.  
I've also been working on my Christmas cowl and making some progress on it also.
I love how this yarn feels and so does Vallie.  I made the mistake of letting it lay on the couch and came in to find her laying on it.  I wanted to get a picture but I think she sensed by the look on my face she was in trouble.  I'm hoping I can finish this this weekend because I found a pattern for a "feather and fan" cowl that I really like and I'm going to do it in a natural yarn of King Baby Llama & Mulberry Silk.
It will look great with any color and it's yummy to the touch.
Well tomorrow is friday and another week has ended.  Life goes by so fast when you get older and I think it stinks.
Have a Blessed weekend, Barbara


Vickie said...

Oh how pretty! I hope the pattern keeps your interest. It is fun to watch it progress. Keep at it. Remember "Stitch every day!" ha! ;)
That yarn does look very soft and lovely.

stitchersanon said...

I love the yarns you use. I can't get access to anything like there here in love scrolling back and seeing yours. The cross stitch you are doing is adorable...very sweet

gracie said...

Looking forward to seeing this finished....beautiful color

Justine said...

Gorgeous colours in both your cowls - lovely stitching too. Keep changing projects if you can't settle on one, that way they'll all get done in the end!

Marilyn said...

Great progress on both.
Those yarns look so soft, I can't blame Vallie. :)
Have a great weekend.

Robin said...

Barbara, your Christmas cowl looks fabulous. You are making good progress on the Stitch Every Day piece as well. Thanks for the info on the fabric you are using. On my monitor, it looks like PTP's Legacy.

Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Barb said...

Hmmmm know that feeling well Barbara, time is a flying. I love soft wool I have some that is VERY fine and it is like knitting with a feather it is so soft. I am doing or trying to do feather and fan with it but it is not growing very fast, me going slow I think is why. Thanks for the comments on the cubes I am awaiting the fabric from Italy to do the Christmas ones.
Your Stitch a little is progressing well , Louise is finished,Henry too just have to plant the garden thanks for the chart I am loving stitching it.
Hope you have a good week.Look forward to your next post . Take care of you and those youlove.

Kaisievic said...

Pretty stitching and gorgeous yarns.