Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Finally home....

I hate hospitals!  Let me repeat that....I hate hospitals.  My DH and I were told to be there at 7 am.  We didn't have to wait too long until he was called back for the ultrasound of his thyroid and it only took maybe 45 minutes.  Not bad right?  What they failed to tell us is that he wasn't scheduled for the lung biopsy until 12 noon.  So we sat and waited and waited.  Finally it was his turn and they told me that when they were finished doing the biopsy, he would have to stay for 3 hours afterwards for them to watch him.   I went home and they told me they would call me when to come back for him.  I did.  I received a call from a nurse about 1:30 telling me that he was scheduled for a chest xray at 2 and that he would be ready to leave by 3.  Fine.  I was at the hospital about 10 minutes before 3 and they still hadn't done the chest xray that was suppose to be done at 2.  At 3:30 they did the xray and the doctor read it and they discovered that the hole which they made with a needle to take some of the cells hadn't closed up and he would have to wait till 5:00 to have another chest xray.  Now you must remember that DH hadn't had anything to eat or drink since the night before and here it is almost 4 till they finally gave him a bottle of water.  Finally at 5:30 the doctor came in and told us that the second xray looked the same as the first and that he might as well go home.  After fighting rush hour traffic we made it home by 6:15.  Almost 12 hours at the hospital for 2 procedures that were only suppose to take about 4 hours and all you hear are excuses.  
The doctor did tell us that he doubts there is anything in his thyroid and that he was only able to get a few cells of the lung and that he hoped he got enough.  Now that's just what you want to hear right?
So now we sit and wait for the results and again, thank you for all your prayers and best wishes.
Blessings, Barbara


marly said...

I hope both of you get some rest!

Marilyn said...

One word..................Hospitals!
Sorry you both had to go through that.
Hope you both have some rest time today.
Sending positive thoughts that everything will be alright.

Barb said...

I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from here Barbara, just hope they did get everything they wanted and the wait will soon be over for good results.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Hospitals are reviled the whole world over...and working in one is hard as well because: everyone that is there is on edge because, let's face it - bad things happen in hospitals. A loved one is sick, someone is waiting for results that is going to change their life, there is traumas coming in, there are people leaving...waiting, waiting, waiting. As a person that has had to participate in the waiting as a patient, I understand. As a person that works in a hospital and is responsible for caring/giving results/working to heal a patient, I understand. I truly do understand the stress and anxiety that you feel. It was a stressful, less than ideal situation, that is obvious. And although I'm pretty certain no one person meant to withhold information from you, it certainly does seem like it when you are waiting on edge all day, not knowing what is coming next. I can say this: that was a huge long day with LOTS of things scheduled and all the spokes that made up the wheel only knew about their own spoke of the wheel, they didn't know what the other spoke of the wheel was doing. They just knew they had to do XYZ and the other people did ABC, DEF, etc. Not an excuse, please know that...but that's the reality. That is why I tell anyone that is going thru a healthcare issue...be your own best advocate. Ask questions constantly, research, research, research. Before a procedure you ask for a written list of what is going to happen and if you don't get the answer, don't leave until you do. Be in their face, be pushy. You are paying for a service, be served! The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Be squeaky.

Vickie said...

Wow! THAT is the longest comment I have ever seen in my life. I agree with the last sentence. ;)
God bless you both Barbara. Push for the results. I am praying.

Robin said...

Barbara, what a long day you and your husband had. Continuing to keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. And as Vonna said, be the squeaky wheel. Hope you both have a restful rest of the week.

Robin in Virginia

Davis Kathi said...

All hospitals and emergency rooms should have a big sign as you come in that says"HURRY UP AND WAIT"!!

Sorry you guys had to go through all that,hope the results are all good.