Wednesday, July 1, 2015

LNS Woes

I was such a bad girl today I can't even begin to explain.  First off I went up to Needle Orts to pick up some linen and to show Debbie the project bags that I make.  She's been wanting to sell something like them in her store and it looks like I'll be making some for her.  While there, she received her mail and that was the beginning of my woes.  First off, she got in some new designs by Barbara Ana and there's one I just loved.  As I get older, I swear I love Halloween designs more and more and this is the one I bought today.

The name is "A Wicked Plant".  I'm even going to try and stitch it on 40ct fabric.  I don't know if I'll get if finished for this Halloween because of the shakes, but I'm determined to try.  Also while there she received a large collection of new colors of linens from R&R, Silkweaver and WDW.....she's holding a fat eighth of each one for my next visit.  Ho hum.....

My new start is going to be a Homespun Elegance Design "Starlight Pincushion".  Thanks to Robin, I have the Belle Soie silks that the design calls for and I'm stitching it on 30ct. Mink from WDW.
I've had this pattern for awhile so it's about time I stitched it.
My finish for this week is the primitive style of the Little House Needleworks freebie.  I plan on making it into a small quilt to hang on the back of my grandmother's rocking chair.  As it turns out, the fabric I used for the seat of her chair matches the color in the design so it works out perfectly.

Not to sound bad but I like my version better.  LOL
Well that was my Wednesday so far.  I think I did enough damage to my budget so now it's time to sit down and stitch.  I so love being retired.......
Blessings to all,


Robin said...

Barbara, I really like your prim version of that LHN design. I look forward to seeing your Homespun Elegance piece stitched up. I think that is fabulous that you will be making some project bags for your LNS.

Robin in Virginia

Vickie said...

Oh you were naughty. Have fun though. ;)

gracie said...

Love it

Marilyn said...

Glad you had fun at your LNS.
Congrats on getting orders for your project bags.
I like your version of the freebie.
Great new project also.
Have a great 4th!