Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Here it is Wednesday and so far so good.  Nothing going kaboom in the frig and my washing machine has accomplished this weeks laundry.  I'm just waiting for that one to go kaput.  DH went to cardiologist today and his aneurysm hasn't gotten any worse and neither has his leaky aortic valve so that's good news.  And I was able to finish something.  That's always nice!
This is Fraktur Bird by Shakespeare Peddler and it's a very fast stitch.  It came as a kit and I have to do some complaining because they didn't give enough floss of all the colors except the 2 blacks.  I'm putting this pattern in my store but be aware that they use Nina's Threads and if I was to stitch this again, pick your own colors based on the front of the pattern.  They do not give you any DMC equivalents to go by.

Crescent Colors came out with two new pinks and Little House Needleworks is offering up a free pattern if you purchase the 2 pinks.  Well duh of course I did and as soon as I'm done stitching this, I'm going to offer it up in a giveaway with all the leftover floss.  There should be plenty to stitch two of this design so look for that this weekend or sooner.

That's all that's going on here except it's so dang hot.  I walk outside and just sweat.  I know the proper name for females is perspire but down here there's no such thing.....You Sweat!  I wouldn't complain so much if you lost weight by standing out there in this heat but unfortunately that doesn't happen. 

Blessings to all, Barbara


Lisa V said...

I wish you could lose weight by standing out in the stinking heat here and letting the sweat pour off you, but like you said that's never going to happen. Summer's here are dreadful so I feel your pain.

marly said...

I sweat buckets. I'm a sweater. And since they said the humid hot weather will contribute to my swelling, I'm assuming I swell as I sweat. So the hotter I am, the bigger I get.

Carin said...

Beautiful finish and I love the new project !

Marilyn said...

Love the SP finish.
Great new start also.

Angela Tucker said...

I'm on the west coast...It was 102 yesterday. Yep, we sweat here, too. LOL I love your finish! It is just too darn cute.

Vickie said...

What a great finish Barbara. Too bad about being shorted on floss.