Monday, May 25, 2015

I hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day and if you see a man or woman in a uniform today, please take the time to stop and say "Thank You".  I'm sure they would appreciate it.

I've been dealing with something lately that I'd like to ignore but I guess I can't anymore.  My hands are beginning to shake and it's making it harder to do stitching, which I love, and my finishing work.  So far I'm still okay at the sewing machine, but hand work is, I'm afraid, going to leave me soon.  I haven't gone to a doctor yet.  I think I'm afraid of what he might say and that's just stupid.  I'm going to make an appointment with my family doctor and see what he has to say.  Sometimes the shaking is so bad that I can't pick up anything.  It's hell getting old!

I was able to finish another Christmas ornie for our tree this year.  This one is by The Little Stitcherr and she's called "Maiden of New Life".  I made it to celebrate the birth of our first great grandchild that will be here before Christmas.   His or her birthday will be put on the back of the ornament.

I have something to pick up at my LNS this Wednesday that I'm dieing to start.  It's called "Cherry Hollow Farm" by Stacy Nash.  Here's what it will look like when finished.  It's a Limited Edition and it's in kit form.  I like that....don't have to find anything in my sewing room....that can be a challenge sometimes.  

So what I'm going to work on is the baby's blanket.  I'm knitting it in a beautiful soft cream and I love doing this pattern.  You start in one corner and you increase every row until it gets to the size you like and then you start decreasing every row.  As you can see it leaves a border of yo's that I plan on weaving silk ribbon thru ..... pink for for boy.....of course.  
Well that's all I have to post on this rainy day here in Orlando.  I'm glad we didn't have any plans for today and I can sit some and vegetate.  I have a pot on the stove with a ham end in it and I'm going to be making ham, green beans and potatoes for dinner.  It's a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe handed down from my Mother and we love it.  

If you do have plans today with your family and friends, please be careful and come home safe.
Blessings Upon You, Barbara


CalamityJr said...

Please do talk with your doctor about your shaking. Hopefully there's something you can do to stop or at least slow things down. In the meantime, the baby blanket is looking lovely, and his or her ornament will be a special Christmas gift. Is the family recipe something you'd share? It sounds like my kind of eating :o)

Vickie said...

Oh your gifts you created are wonderful Barbara.
I am glad you will go to the doctor. Best to find out what can be done.

Robin said...

What a treasure you are creating with the baby blanket! The ornament will be treasured as well.

Glad you are going to go see your doctor! Thinking of you!

Robin in Virginia

stitchinpeanut said...

I am praying for you as you go to the dr... Hugs to you... And you are so right. Getting older stinks. Oh the ornament is AMAZING!!! Please... Keep us informed. Hugs to you.

Lisa V said...

It's best to get to the Doctor and see what happens, hopefully it won't be as bad as you are thinking. I shall be thinking of your dear friend.
Lovely finishes!

Meari said...

Beautiful finish. I hope the doctor can do something about your shaking hands. Perhaps it's something easily resolved.

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Oh my Barbara...I pray that the shaking is something that is simple. My father-in-law has parkinson's. His tremor is controlled somewhat by medication. I'm praying for you!
I love the ornament! I hope that ham was delicious!