Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Good Grief!!!!

Will this winter never end?  I have friends and family that live in the northeast that are just so sick and tired of all this winter jazz.  We have finally gotten some warm days down here and Vallie and I took advantage of it today to wash my car.  It's white and it shows every little piece of dirt and mud and I swear it hasn't been washed in months.  I was embarrassed to be seen in it.  LOL

I did an awesome thing the other day.  I decided to clean out my sewing room and if there was anything I didn't plan on using in the next 5 months, it went bye bye and off to the community thrift shop.  What I really got into was cleaning out my quilting stash.  I decided to use up all the little pieces and I cut them into squares of about 4 x 4 inches.  I'm planning on making a rag quilt and they will come in handy.

I also am still knitting and crocheting and right now I'm using a yarn that has 70% silk in it and it's very slippery.  It came in a hank and after I wound it into a cake it wasn't what you would call "structurally sound" so I came up with an idea on how to keep these nice while using them.

For this one I used pre quilted fabric and it stands up on it's own.  The bottom is round and I have pull strings to close it.  As you can see from the bottom picture, a 450 yard cake of sock yarn fits in there perfectly.  I love mine so I made this one for my store to see if anyone else would like one.  You know where it is if you're interested.

Well that's about all I have been up to besides taking care of Vallie and my DH.  Tomorrow Vallie goes in for a grooming and wow does she need it.  Right now she looks like a little kid who got into a mud puddle and the puddle won.  LOL

Have a blessed day, Barbara


marly said...

Damn. You can sew anything! Great idea and beautiful fabric.

Sweet Sue said...

why yes barbara, i've been told it is official ~ winter will not end this year ~ grrrr. nice yarn bag, so clever! smoochies for vallie:) xo

gracie said...
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gracie said...

A fabulous solution for that yarn.

Vickie said...

We have a white car that is not white right now. ;) It really, really shows when it is surrounded by the snow.
Clever solution.
Let me know if you accumulate small pieces of linen again. I will buy them off you.
Show us Vallie when she returns. :)