Thursday, July 10, 2014

Just little ole me.........

popping in to say "Hey" and that I have been busy making bags.  I now have the name "bag lady" in my house.  Don't ya just luv 'em.  
First off good news and bad news about brother.  He's out of ICU as of today but the bad news is that he had a  heart attack at the same time he had the stroke.  He doesn't remember having any pain whatsoever and I find that strange.  You always here about  pain in your left arm but he had none.  They want to put a stent in but they're going to wait until he goes thru his physical therapy to get his left side working good.  He has just a little problem with his left arm and the thing where his brain doesn't register anything on his left side.  His spirits are good and he says he's going to listen to his doctors 100% and get better.  It made me feel better just talking with him.
I've been sewing alot to keep my mind busy.  I find that when I sit and knit or cross stitch, my mind starts to wander and I end up depressed but sewing doesn't do that.  You have to pay attention more I think.
Anyways here a couple that I've done....

These are only a few....I think I did a total of 10.  I've gotta  find something else to sew besides these bags.  I love making them but enough's enough.  LOL  Any ideas let me know.

Blessings, Barbara

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Annie said...

Your bags are so cute!