Saturday, July 26, 2014

And the winner is......

Ms. Melody

Ms. Vallie chose her name out of the scraps of paper that I put on the floor for her.  Before I could get my camera, she was starting to chew them up so I had to grab quickly.  LOL  She's a little bugger.  

I have emailed Melody and notified her that she has won.  

I will be placing some more mini totes in my store soon.  I'm doing Christmas in July and several other designs.  Look for them soon.

Now to a bad subject.  I don't know how many of you are on the 123 Message Board but I posted on there the other day and I received so many hugs and prayers for what's been happening in my life.  You all know that our daughter, Jenn and her husband and 4 boys moved into our house last year.  Well to say it hasn't been working out would be calling it mildly.  Don't you think that if children and staying in your home they should follow the rules of the house!  Well I do but Jenn didn't.  She left them get away with murder and now our house is literally a mess.  You cannot believe how many nail and screw holes there are in our walls that we have to fix.  It hit the fan early last week and we had a very big blowout.  Needless to say they have moved out except for some of their larger furniture and me and Jenn haven't spoken since.  She's told me to have "a nice life" so I'm taking from that that she's out of it.  That is for her to decide.  I've always said that the front door to our house is a revolving door because she's moved in and moved out so many times I've lost count.  Anyways that's what I've been dealing with and that's also why I've been sewing so many bags.  My sewing room had become my only place of solace.  I purchased a new pattern from 123 the other's the new Nora Corbett one called of the Bewitching Pixies.  I just thought were darling so I'm anxious to start it.  Now I know most of you remember last year when I sold off all my cross stitch supplies.....wanna guess why?  Because they were not paying any help on any of the monthly bills like electricity so I had to sell my cross stitch to pay bills.  Sad isn't it!  I had collected for years and years from working at LNS's around Orlando and now they are all gone.  But now I should be able to start again....I'll be able to sit in my stitching chair....with Ms Vallie of course....and stitch again.  I can't wait.  Well I've talked long enough and I just wanted to say again... love to all you ladies who put up with me and my way of blogging.

Have a Blessed Day!  


Cricket-bug Corner said...

The Pixie pattterns are adorable. Sorry to hear about your daughter - even adult children can be a trial.

Annie said...

My heart breaks for you. I've been through this with one of my older daughters a couple of times, and she always comes around, but it just hurts to the core that someone you've loved and sacrificed for could treat you this way.

I hope you can build up a wonderful cross stitch stash and find some comfort in your stitching. ((Hugs))

Vickie said...

Oh Barbara! I am so sorry. I do hope and pray she/they come around.
I am sorry you sold your stash for those reasons. On the other hand, now you can buy something and work on it, and not pile up and up and up.

Kerri said...

I have been going through that same drama with my own daughter. My stitching has brought me so much comfort over the years. Please email me - I have lots of stash I'd be happy to share.

marly said...

So sorry to hear about the family issues. We all have them and it seems more families are having them than ever before. I hope they are safe and will realize one day how grateful they should be. In the meantime, enjoy the stitches!

Melanie said...

I am sorry to hear about your difficulties and that you sold your stitching supplies. I often read your blog and love seeing the little bags you make. You have inspired me to make a bag to keep my stitching in and have plans to make one for my stitching friend for Christmas. Thank you for showing us your work. X

Marilyn said...

Sorry to hear that.
And sorry you had to sell a lot of your coveted stash fro someone who doesn't care anyway. :(
I just couldn't believe it when you sold your stash, now we all know why.
But glad to see you are stitching again.
And glad that you can get your house back to normal.
And, your bags are all lovely.
Take care.