Friday, January 10, 2014

Well the holidays are over and all the decorations have been put away for  another what to get in to?????
I received my catalog from Keepsake Quilting this morning and instantly fell in love with two things.  The first is a fabric collection based on the show Downtown Abbey.  What beautiful colors and designs...
then there was the wool flannel monthly collection by Bertie.  You get a project every month and they all turn out 13 x 17 inches.  How cute would they be to display throughout the year.....
They are surprisingly well priced at $29 each and they have all the supplies but the thread.  But I know me....I'll get the maybe the first and second one done and the other's will just sit there.  Ever have that happen?  I'm sure all of us has.
Oh and I almost forgot.  There's a third project that caught my eye also.  The Bride's Garden Quilt Kit....stunning!
And I did start this last nite.  I fell in love with this cowl design and instantly went searching for the right yarn and found it.  I'm using Korella by Gedifra in an ice blue that is almost a silver blue.
So that's what I've been up to.  Not much but just tinkering around.   My DH brother and his wife are headed our way and it will be nice to see some family from Pa.
Hope your day goes well!

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