Monday, October 14, 2013

Here is my October page for the SAL I'm hosting.  I found some really Halloweenish green Lugana in my stash and used that for both pieces.  The heart is a freebie which is suppose to have been for Valentines day but I noticed that no one has ever done a heart...that I can think of...for Halloween so this is my version.  I did the roses in a spiderweb stitch with silk ribbon for the leaves.  The hardanger was done using pearl cotton and the eyelets were done using a Gloriana silk in bewitching colors.  I added beads to the center of each square and I kind of like my Halloween Heart.  The little bat up in the corner is all beads and he was also a freebie.  
If you haven't been over to the SAL pages, please check them out and see what beautiful work is being done by all the stitchers.  I am very impressed every month by each and every one of them and we only have two months to go.  This year has gone fast!


Rowyn said...

Wow! What a stunning heart. Love the green fabric.

Corina said...

wow, I love this page!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This is great, very inventive. I love that you took a Valentine's symbol and made it totally Hallowe'en themed.

Great page for your book.