Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dancing Feet

I was wandering around the internet this afternoon and came across a poem on a blog.  This poem reminds me of myself, our daughter and every other female I have ever known.  It is written by a 19 year old who only calls herself Jessica.   As you read this, remember when you were 19 or a little younger and I hope you do this with a smile.

Dancing Feet by Jessica S.

I wish I had the balance
To walk through life unscathed,
To walk high on my tippy toes,
And never be afraid.

I wish that I were graceful
So I could dance with ease.
Through trials and tribulations
And never skin my knees.

I wish that I were elegant
And flexible, and strong.
If I were things like that
Then nothing could ever go wrong.

But I’m no ballerina
I’m just your average klutz.
I trip over flat surfaces
My knees are scarred with cuts.

I wish that I had someone
To help me walk with grace.
Who’d never let go of my hand
Or throw me off my pace.

To help me keep my balance
And kiss away the pain.
We’d dance through life together
Through the sun or through the rain.
And with a dancing partner
I know life would be so sweet
Oh how I wish I had another pair
Of dancing feet.


Catherine said...

Great poem!

Patty C. said...

Thank you for sharing

Kaisievic said...

That is a sweet poem.