Friday, May 10, 2013

Along our walk

Last nite when Vallie and I took our evening stroll, I took along my camera and captured some beautiful plants in our neighborhood.

The above is a jasmine plant that has taken over a light post in their front yard.  This smells so good and on a breezy day you can smell the jasmine from about 4 houses away.  Vallie always has to stop and smell it....can't say I blame her.

I love this front yard!  The have everything from cactus to roses in their yard and it's always so pretty in the spring.

Yes the magnolia trees are in bloom and they add their perfume to the mix.

The above is a staghorn.  It is a potted plant that doesn't need soil and it loves banana peels.  I have a small one but this one is taller than a man.  It's huge!!!!

I love the plants they have in front of this house....they remind me of paintbrushes filled with red paint.

Well that's about it except for some miscellaneous flowers that are in bloom right now.  My hibiscus is blooming but I forgot to take a picture of it.  It's a stunning peachy/yellow color and my bougainnvilla is a deep rose color.
I'm having trouble deciding what design to use for the "Oops Bag".  I was thinking quaker but now I'm not too sure.  Quakers are an antique style of sampler and I don't think all these bright colors would be appropriate.  Any ideas?  Please let me know what you think would be a good suggestion for them.  Oh and I forgot to mention....when I'm done stitching with them, they will all be part of a giveaway so the sooner I stitch something, the sooner I have the giveaway. :o)
Blessings, Barbara


Emma/Itzy said...

how lovely!

Vickie said...

Wow! Such a lovely neighborhood. Awesome sights and scents.

Redrodi56 said...

I love your blog - it's like a mini vacation. I can even smell the beautiful scents w/ the descriptions you gave. My suggestion is a row sampler made up of different stitches, you can make it the right size for one of your cute accent pillows.

Catherine said...

Thanks for sharing your neighborhood!!