Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's been awhile

I hope all of you are enjoying a nice quiet weekend and if it's not quiet, I hope you are handling it.  Mine has been pretty quiet so far.  Racing season has started again and so far, Jr. hasn't impressed me very much.  We'll see how he does tomorrow.
It's been so long since I have had a finish that I'm ashamed of myself.  Yes, I've been busy crocheting but let's face it.....cross stitch is my first love and I've been ignoring it lately.
I was up at my LNS this past week and she had the cutest little thread winder in the shape of a sheep.  Well of course it had to come home with me.  Then Debbie (the best enabler in the western world) showed me that Just Another Button Co. was coming out with a new sheep pattern and her name would be Eugenia and she would be a world traveler.  I was very confused.  This is how JABCo put it:
"Eugenia works at JABCo as an inventory specialist.  That's right---she is a counting sheep!  In January 2013, Eugenia Tuffet will embark on a world tour, gathering ideas for new sewing and stitching products and kits.  Along the way, she'll collect souvenir pins and send back postcards and photos."
I have a postcard from Eugenia while she was in Brazil and she wrote, "I spent yesterday exploring a rain forest.  The colors were incredible, but I don't recommend wearing wool in that heat and humidity.  I think I shrunk!!!!!
As you can see I've made my Eugenia and she is wearing the two pins I have so far.  A beautiful butterfly and the American flag.  I've even hung a little bell around her neck so she doesn't get lost.
If you are thinking of making one, please do because their directions are fabulous.  I admit I was a little timid about doing this but it is very easy.
I have finished my red shawl.  Peyton wasn't here this weekend so I didn't have my model.  This is the one I made out of Cascade Heritage Silk and it's yummy to the touch.  I ended the bottom of the shawl with about 4 inches of lace which makes it very feminine.
I was also able to finish my April page for the SAL.  I am really enjoying this and from what others have told me, they are too.  If you haven't already, please skip on over to the SAL pages and take a look at all the beautiful work.  There is so much talent on those pages!!!
Have you gotten your newest issue of Just Cross Stitch?  Well there's a pattern in it this month that I just have to stitch.  Alessandra Adelaide has graciously designed a beautiful butterfly that I just have to do.  I'm really going to try and step outside my comfort zone on this one and do something very unusual with it colorwise.
Well that's about all that's going on in my little corner of the world.  I'm going to watch the 500 tomorrow and do some stitching.  Life is grand!
Until we talk again, have a Blessed day,


Patty C. said...

Your april page looks great & Eugenia has to be about the cutest sheep ever!

Patty C. said...

Ok.... i got side tracked with the sheep... that shawl is gorgeous!

Kath said...

Eugenia is just too cute for words Barb. Being a bit of a sheepie lover myself I think she might find her way into my stash too. Love your shawl, very nice.

Sweet Sue said...

Very nice post Barbara, baaa-eautiful finishes, especially lthe lace edging on your shawl:)

Anne said...

Love your April, and the shawl is gorgeous! How sweet is Eugenia!! Thanks for sharing the info. :)

Kathy A. said...

What a wonderful post. I am really interested in eugenia. Where did you find the pattern?

April said...

Cutest little sheep! I will be watching the 500 and stitching too!

gracie said...

Love your stitching and wow! I would love to make Eugenia...can you let me know where to obtain the pattern...

Catherine said...

I love the sheep!! And that shawl ~ beautiful!! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Vickie said...

The sheep is adorable, great job!
You are truly talented with your shawls.
I will think of you today as my men watch the 500. ;)

Corina said...

Lovely sheep, a great shawl en a perfect april-page. Great job!