Monday, December 3, 2012

Needlework Masters Monthly SAL

Hello to the Ladies who have decided to join in on our little SAL.  January is right around the corner and you have to have your book cover finished by the start of the SAL.  I should say you don't HAVE to but I think it would make it easier on you if you did.  The following ladies have finished their covers and are ready to begin the SAL come Jan 1st.
Opoe Gea
So if you haven't finished your cover yet, please do because I really think it will make it easier on you.

Well Christmas is right around the corner and as usual I feel like I'm late on everything.  I have to pick up my Christmas cards tomorrow and get them filled out.  Do any of you still do Christmas cards?  Every year my list gets shorter because the cost is just getting ridiculous to mail them.  I'm not sure if I am going to do any cookie baking this year.  My lips are saying "Oh yes, please do!" but my hips are saying "For Pete's sake, not anymore!"  What to do....what to do....
I hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday and until we talk again, have a Blessed Day,


Nicola said...

I stopped doing Christmas Cards a few year ago and instead make telephone calls in December catching up with friends and family.

Nicola said...

PS I forgot to say that your banner is stunning.

cucki said...

Lol..I think listen to the lips and do the baking..I love cookies :)
Your banner is so cute..
Love for you x

Annette-California said...

Just got done writing out our Christmas cards. Oh yes I still do it. I love receiving them so I know others will enjoy them too. Don't get to see everyone in person these days. Your new banner is gorgeous.
love Annette
ps YES Bake cookies. Its that time of year:)))

Catherine said...

Cards will most likely be on hold this year ~ too expensive to buy and mail...
I have to bake cookies ~ my boys wouldn't have it any other way!!

Vickie said...

Ha! I am with everyone else. DO THE COOKIES!! =)
Yep, I still do the cards. I love getting them.

socialsue said...

Where is the link to the monthly SAL for the book cover?