Monday, November 19, 2012

A Quilt finished and on it's way

When I heard that a friend's daughter was expecting her first baby, the wheels starting turning.  I knew I had to do something personal for her and the family.  Well thanks to DH, I was able to personalize it with the baby girl's first name - Henley and at the bottom I did a very cute poem I found.

In case you can't read it, it says:

A child is special - a gift from above.
One to cherish - And to love.

I don't think I could of found anything cuter or more special.

Our grand daughter and two friends were over this weekend and did me and my DH the biggest of favors.  I've wanted my dining room and living room repainted for some time now and they were kind enough to do it for us.  The main color is a light grey with a hint of green in it (think DMC 3013) and I had them paint two walls a dark brown green (think DMC 830).  I absolutely love how it turned out and I highly recommend these 3 for future painting jobs....of which I have plenty.  
I was going to start Letters to Santa but I've changed my mind.  I'm going to take some time and finish up a few other things I have going before I start something new.
It's beginning to get a little chilly down here in Florida.  I put Vallie's little Christmas t-shirt on her today that Jenn bought her last year and she will not let anyone take it off of her.  I've never seen a dog love to wear a shirt so much.
Well enough for now - till we talk again have a Blessed day,

Update:  Catherine asked for a picture of Vallie in her shirt.....well here she is in her little Bah Hum Bug shirt.  She went to the vet today to get her heart worm shot so she's a little under the weather.  Who likes shots???  See the blue pillow - well that's where she sleeps while I'm stitching.  I found that at Joann's and all you did was add stuffing and you get the perfect little dog pillow.  She curls right up into it and is very snug.  Our grand daughter Peyton has a little jack russel and I gave her one and she loves it also.  So there ya go.....Vallie in her special shirt.


Nicola said...

The quilt is beautiful and I love the poem you added, it makes it extra special

Connie said...

The quilt is really cute! I like the way you personalized it.

Catherine said...

What a sweet quilt!
How about a picture of Vallie in her shirt!

Maggee said...

Who wouldn't love that quilt?? You did a great job on it! That machine does lots of neat things! Hugs!

Redrodi56 said...

How splendid of Peyton and her friends to help you out with the painting - you are truly blessed to have such a thoughtful GRAND daughter. I love how you explain the color choices w/ DMC - I'll have to pull them to get a better visual. Sorry I missed you online again yesterday and today. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. When I count my blessing I shall count you twice! Hugs!

Barb said...

The quilt is such a very thoughtful gift! And Vallie looks so cute!

cucki said...

Tha quilt is very sweet..
Love for you x

Lida said...

Oh the quilt is so sweet! They will adore it! And your cute little dog looks fantastic in that shirt, greetings

Valma said...

aaaawwww, super cute Vallie =)
Thanks for sharing with us
You did a great gift for baby Henley
it is so sweet
she will treasure it for long
I did about the same for my cousin when she gave birth to her first little girl, and she was over the moon =D
big hugs
(and that's so funny to imagine your wall thanks to DMC colours, clever =D)

Vickie said...

I am currently stitching with 3013 and I know 830, so I know your walls! =)
What an awesome quilt.
Vallie is just adorable!

Carol said... cute is Vallie!! And your finished quilt is so very special, Barbara :)

Catherine said... sweet!!