Monday, October 15, 2012

Caution! Enabling Post

I hope everyone's week has started out great with no problems to worry about.  I have some things to share with you and please remember I did put "Caution" in my post title.  :o)

First up I finished a new project bag and I just love this pink and black fabric.  I found a pattern on my embroidery machine that I thought would look really nice with it and it has been stitched in black.  This bag you will find in my Etsy store for sale.

Now for the goodies.....
Since I already went off my stash diet I thought "what the heck" and purchased some patterns from The Threadbasket and other places.  The one above is a C Mon Monde design which is to be stitched over 1 thread but my old eyes just can't do that anymore so I'm looking at 20ct. Jobelan for it.  I doubt if I'll get it finished for this Christmas but there's always next year.
The above pattern I found on a French website and instantly fell in love with it.  I just purchased a large spool of HDF Perfect Red in premium and it will look great in this pattern.  I'm thinking 38ct. Gander linen but we'll have to wait and see.

The two above new Drawn Thread patterns I just couldn't resist.  The Give Thanks is for myself but the Noel will be a gift for a friend after it's stitched.  She loves all things Christmas so I know she'll love it.
Next is another C Mon Monde pattern which is so different I couldn't resist.  Of course you've heard of Mary Poppins.....well meet Mary Bobbins.  She's standing with her ever present umbrella floating over the house tops but along with her are all things needlework.....scissors, threads, etc.  This is a deceptively large pattern so it's going to have to wait until the first of the year to be started.  I have all the threads for it and the fabric.....Anchor and Belfast linen.
Well I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I'll be working on in the coming months.   What I'm working on now is Lizzie Kate's new boxer....Faith, Hope and Love.  It was to be worked on natural linen but I decided to do it on cream Belfast.....I wanted it a bit more cheerful.  This pattern will be up for sale after I'm finished with it so if you're interested in stitching it, please be patient and it will be added to Never Enough Stash.
So please enjoy your coming week and take time to enjoy the fall colors wherever you call home.  I can tell fall is coming finally to Florida because the rain trees are turning colors.  That's about all we get here so I enjoy it while I can.
Until we talk again,
Have a Blessed Day,


Catherine said...

Very pretty project bags and what great stash!

PegC said...

Funny reading this as I just posted a craigs list list of items I'm selling from my stash---thinking I have WAY to much of a good thing...then I see your patterns and wonder if I'm merely making room for these! Lovely.

Barb said...

What a lovely bag! And congratulations for being on the wagon for quite awhile. Love your new stash!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

love your new stash and it is a pretty cool thing that your embroidery machine can make that flower design - the lizzie kate design is also very pretty

Nicola said...


Everyone is gorgeous.

cucki said...

I love your new stash so much..
Very sweet project bag too:)
Hugs xxx

Vickie said...

What fun you have been having with your new machine.
You have been very naughty!! ;)

Tatkis said...

What a lovely bag, and wonderful purchases!
I've finished buscornu I've bought from your stash and it's so cute - thank you so much!


Carol said...

Sorry the stash "diet" didn't work out, but I'm glad to see all the lovely things you bought as a result, Barbara! Lovely bag, too...

Carolyn said...

You are a bad, bad lady! Always the enabler, aren't you? Hmmm?? ;0)
Seriously, I love your new stash. You always find the coolest patterns. AND I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new project bag. Enjoying that new toy? It looks like you've been doing it forever. Love it!

Hugs and pats, my friend,

Doris Campos said...

lovely bag,,and great new stash!