Monday, September 17, 2012

A SAL starting January 1, 2013

First off I'd like to thank all of you who wished me well after that dang flu shot last week.  I'm happy to report that I'm back feeling like my old self again.  And to all of you who also got sick, I hope you are feeling better also.

Now I have hinted about a SAL starting January 1, 2013 and Jenn and I have put our heads together and we think we've come up with something that is quite unusual.  Below you will see the beginning of it:

Needle Master Monthly SAL
Volume 1

Book can be any size you wish but must be large enough to encompass what you will stitch for that month.  One page = one month.


Fabric for front and back cover
Fabric for pages
Sewing machine or hand stitch if you wish
Lace, ribbons, etc., for what you might want to decorate the front cover with.


1.  Must be a follower of the Needlework Masters Monthly SAL blog
2.  Book measurements must be at least 8” x 8”.
3.  Each page = one month and must incorporate two or more designers or two different types of needlework.  This can be hardanger, crochet, knitting, cross stitch, tatting, embroidery, needlepoint, canvas work and quilting or anything else that involves a needle.
4.  Must complete each month to be eligible for drawing at the end of the year which will be a random drawing and believe me, it will knock your socks off. 

Now you ask what does this mean.....What it means is that everyone who joins in the SAL must start by making a book that will hold your monthly projects.  Below is mine all finished and waiting for that first piece to be added.  
This is the outside cover and it was done by taking two pieces of fabric with right sides together plus a piece of Warm and Natural sewn around and leaving an opening.  I then turned it right side out and pressed and slip stitched the opening closed.  
This is how it looks on the inside.  You will then add your pages.  Mine are wool felt and I cut them the size of the cover opened minus 1 inch.  I then layed them on the cover, inside faced up, and sewed right down the spine.

Every month you will then pick your own subjects, designers or type of needlework.  You will then attach them finished to one side of a page.  One side = 1 month.  You can add beads, buttons, charms, lace, anything you wish to enhance that months page.  Also, you might want to make your book dedicated to a certain designer you love but their designs won't fit, you can pick out portions of their designs and just stitch them.  For example:  You love Mirabilia but there's no way they will fit....what to do?....just stitch the head portion of the design.
When you are finished with your page of the month, you will then send a picture with designers names and title to Barbara at  She will post them under the monthly page on the Needlework Masters Monthly SAL blog.  If you are interested in seeing how this blog is layed out, you can by clicking here.  One word of must complete each month to be eligible for the grand drawing at the end of the year.
If you are interested in this type of SAL, go ahead and join to follow the blog and post a comment under the "I Would Love To Join" post.  Please make sure you include your email address.  Also if you have any questions that I haven't answered here, please email me at or Jenn at
We hope to see you there,


lanybleu said...

What a lovely idea.

cucki said...

Have fun xxx

Sarah Beth said...

I can't hardly wait what a clever idea.

Lida said...

Ilove it and I will think about taking part, have so many things already!

Corina said...

sounds very tempting... I like the idea...

Elisa said...

Thanks for adding me to the SAL, a great project for the new year :)

cucki said...

please count me in..i think i can do it..things looking in control i will have time..
finger crossed..
now off to think what to make..
thank you xx

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great idea. I'm sort of challenged in the sewing area. Any plans for a step by step tutorial of the book? My friend may do a Halloween themed book. I'm leaning towards a Lizzie Kate themed book.