Friday, August 24, 2012

For Sale

I just placed a huge list of patterns for sale over on Never Enough Stash.   There are all kinds of different patterns so have fun looking.  I didn't post pictures because that just takes up way too much room but I'm sure that between 123 and abc, you can find pictures of all of them.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  Thanks!!!!
Blessings as always,

P.S.  So far so good on the stash diet.  I even drove right pass Sewing Studio and didn't even blink.  I am so proud of myself!!!!!  I also have several fellow stitchers that are joining me on this diet and I hope they are doing as well.


Vickie said...

So, okay, I just purchased the small pieces of linen from you Barbara. But just you watch! I am not buying anything else during these months of stash diet. I only purchase linen when the price is right. So thank you! Now I am all set. =)

Sweet Sue said...

Good for you Barbara, right past Sewing Studio! Good luck w/your sale, have a great weekend:)

marly said...

WOW!! You really do have a lot of charts!

Barb said...

Best of luck to you all! I'm headed over to have a look(I told you I never stay on a diet!)

cucki said...

sweet one..
good luck with your sale.
hugs xx

Valma said...

Just one word : BRAVO =D
I'm proud of your PS....
biiiiiiig hugs

Ma Teakettle said...

You are my hero, Barbara!
I am so proud of you and I love your idea, in fact I would love to join you on your diet if I may :) I emailed you for an invite to the selling blog to help me get a jump start, even though I am a few days behind in joining...story of my life a day late and a dollar short. :)