Monday, August 20, 2012

A post just because....

I'm bored!!!!  I've started 3 new things and not one of them is keeping my interest.  I have a shawl that I'm working on and it's the same thing....boring!!!!  How do ya'll get yourself out of this stitching slump? I'd really like to know because I've been in one for over a week now and just can't pull myself out of it.  I go into my sewing room and see all kinds of beautiful things but none of them hold my interest for more than a minute.  Now you know why I named my blog "To stitch or not to stitch" because it explains in a few words how I am.  One week I can be burning up the silks and needles and finish things in record time and the next week I'm hating everything.  Here's a picture of one of the designs I'm working on.  It's Carriage Houses Pennsylvania Redware which Marly was generous to share with my.
I'm stitching this on a beautiful 32ct. hand dyed fabric I purchased from Nina and the threads are Needlepoint Inc. Silks but even those aren't enough to keep my interest.  
I'm beginning to think that stitchers should be like bears.  We stitch and purchase for our stash for many months of the year and the rest of the months we should be hybernating away from any kind of  stitching.  I feel that's the only way I can keep my interest intact.
How many are anxiously awaiting fall this year?  I know I am.  There's something about fall that brings out the best in me.  Maybe it's the colors....they are so glorious!  
Well I will leave you today hopefully with a smile....
Blessings as always,

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Jules said...

It may not help, but I have found that if I focus on something non-stitchy related (like my photography or just dumb games on the computer) I will get back into my stitchy happiness! Hope you are out of your slump in no time.