Saturday, June 23, 2012

Two finishes and two starts

First off, I'd like to thank Patricia, Lisa, Christina, Emma and Jennifer for posting on our blog "Never Enough Stash".  If you haven't already been over there to check it out, you might want to because there are some wonderful things for sale and a few of us are looking for patterns.  This will work if it's supported by us stitchers.
Now I'm sure you're sick and tired of hearing about the Better Not Pout here it is finished.  I was going to put cord binding around the outside but I really didn't care for how it looked.  The pillow is too small I think. 
 The pattern called for it to be stitched with Sampler Threads but I decided to go with HDF silks and I stitched it on 32ct. cream Belfast.  
 The finishing is pretty much the way the designer showed it.  Why mess with perfection!!

The next finish is my Noro silk shawl.  I haven't blocked it yet and I will show you better pictures once it is.  I crocheted a border along the bottom edge out of a wonderful wool/silk lace weight black yarn that I would love to make a sweater out of.....but I have to be realistic way could I finish a sweater out of lace weight yarn.  

This next design is by Brenda Gervais ofWith My Needle and Thread and that's my next project.  I have to paint the Whitman Chocolate Sampler box and stain the newspaper fabric to make it look primitive and then I'm all set.  I've started the stitching on 36ct. Days Gone By linen and I'm using Sampler Threads which the designer calls for.  I want to stitch this entire set so it's going to take me awhile.
The box is in the top left, then there's a huswife (top right), pincushion (bottom left) and last but not least, a scissor and pinkeep out of wool felt.  This will make a stunning set to sit on my living room coffee table.
Yes I am a Nascar buff and my guy Dale Earnhardt Jr won last week at Michigan.  This week they are at Sonoma which is a road course and he's just not the greatest at those.  I think Mouse must of heard me screaming way across the pond last week when he crossed the finished line.  LOL  
Well duh.....I forgot to tell you about my second start.  It's a shrug made out of a bulky weight yarn and I'm crocheting it.  I'll have updated photos and I get more into it.
Well I'm off to do some stitching on the Strawberry Hill Sampler and I hope each and every one of you has a fantastic weekend ahead.  We did some grass mowing this morning before the rain starts up again.    This is the rainy season down here and this year it's earning it's name.
Blessings as always,


Bianca said...

I absolutely love the Better Not Pout! Your finishing on it is so lovely. Thanks for always sharing your work :)

Lida said...

Love it! It looks really sweet and I love the way you finished it! Succes with the new projects!

Deb said...

Better Not Pout is so cute. You did a wonderful job finishing it off! I've been eyeballing that project with the Whitman box too. I'd love to make everything in that set. I bought the box (wanted some chocolate) and need to get the pattern (one of these days).

MoonBeam said...

Your shawl and Better Not Pout are both beautiful. Nice work!

I'm getting itchy to start the Strawberry Hill pieces, too. I'll have my threads on Monday...we're having a stitching afternoon, so maybe I can start it then.

Enjoy your weekend.


Simple Pleasure said...

Wonderful job with Better Not Pout!
I've been eyeing Brenda's pattern using the Whitman sampler box...and using its "specialness" as justification for finishing the chocolate...LOL!
Thank you, again, for setting up Never Enough Stash.
Busy Hands...Happy Heart

Vickie said...

Such a nice, nice job on finishing. What a lovely shawl, great choice with the black. Have a great Sunday Barbara. Say hi to Vallie!

Chris said...

Your finishing is so beautiful.
The shawl is wonderful too.
I can't wait to see your Strawberry Hill project.

dulcinella said...

Lovely finishes! The better not pout looks so delicate and beautiful and the colors of your shawl are great. I'm sure you'll enjoy stitching the strawberry sampler, but you'll have to stitch quite a bit to get it finished:-)

Sweet Sue said...

Your Pout is adorable, like the way you laced right over the ticking, letting the ticking ever so slightly peek out, very nice touch. Lovely colors in your shawl, such detail and finery, you spoil us Barbara! Wishing you a great weekend too:)

Jennifer M. said...

Lovely finish! It turned out terrific. And you are not kidding about the rain either. I'm down here in Miami and its been non-stop!


marly said...

My goodness is that a fabulous piece. Stitching is superb and finishing is as you said "perfection"! Isn't that Whitman box idea fabulous? Anxious to see yours.

Barb said...

I love the way you finished"Better Not Pout".

Annette-California said...

Better not pout looks even prettier when there is dimension to it. Love your little pillow. Beautiful shawl - wow. Looks so soft. have a great day. love Annette

Carol said...

Adorable pillow, Barbara! I love the plaid bow against the striped backing fabric :) And such a lovely new shawl, too.

The Strawberry Hill project looks adorable--I am loving everything Brenda designs these days!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Your finish is darling! Love the piece and your choices are perfect.

Jannie said...

Oh that whole design and finish on Better Not Pout - gosh it's beautiful, Barbara. Hope you don't get tooooo much rain. We could use some here in Colo. though.

Catherine said...

Beautiful finishes!! And I love that Strawberrry Sampler!

Valma said...

your cushion is lovely Barbara
I love the bow and the lace you used
it matches perfectly with the fabrics you used
we are never 'sick and tired' of hearing about things around here =)
it's the contrary and I can't wait to see your sampler
bravo for your shawl
big hugs

Mindi said...

I love your finish of Better Not Pout, the HDF silk is beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the Strawberry Hill project.

Patty C. said...

Love your Better Not Pout - Darling finish !!

Nancy Pritchard said...

Hello, as the designer of "Better Not Pout", I just wanted to tell you what a great job you did with the entire pillow. It's always an inspiration to ME to see my designs interpreted by another stitcher. As a gift from Widgets & Wool Primitives, I would like to send you our new Holiday pattern, it's not even at the distributors yet! Just e-mail me with your mailing address and I will get it to you.

Penny said...

What a pretty finish on your pillow! I love the red ticking! Congratulations on finishing your shawl - it's beautiful! Can't wait to see your work on Strawberry Hill! :)