Monday, June 11, 2012

A thank you and a start

I want to thank everyone who gave such a positive response to my suggestion of having a blog for stash.  I have started it and there's already two postings so you really should check it out.  The name is Never Enough Stash (appropriate right?) and you can find it here.  Become a follower and that way you'll always know when new things are added.  
The other day I posted about a Noro yarn I purchased and I thought I'd show you how it looked knitted. I've started the shawl and it's one you do from the neck down.  I'm going to try something a little different with this one.....I'm going to add crocheted lace that I will do out of a black lace weight yarn around the bottom edge.  What do you think?  I think black will be a good contrast to all the beautiful bright colors that are in the yarn.   I'm just starting the second ball and since I have 5 of them, it should turn out a nice size after it's blocked.
I hope your Monday has started your week out fine.  I had a doctors appointment this morning and then came home and did some knitting and stitching.   Tomorrow is laundry day....ho hum boring!!!
Hope the rest of your week goes great.......
Blessings as always,


Barb said...

Thanks so much for your efforts in starting the blog!

Diane (di) said...

So pretty Barbara. To say that I love Noro is a serious understatement. lol Your shawl is beautiful... love those colors!

Valma said...

Immediately going to see the blog =)
Before...hum...good luck with laundry day !
how boring indeed
your shawl is very pretty. I think even red or golden can match but black would be great too =)
big hugs

Thoeria said...

Already a follower - now to get my stuff sorted!
I love your shawl- the colours are just lovely!

Vickie said...

Oh that is pretty! I am a follower too.

ChrisG said...

Yes, Black will work very nicely. Hope you can move your stash quickly. I am going to go check it out right now.
Chris g

Simple Pleasure said...

Thank you for setting up the selling blog...I'll probably buy more than I sell...LOL
Busy Hands...Happy Heart

Bekca said...

What a beautiful shawl! It's going to look even better when it's all finished.
Best wishes.