Sunday, June 3, 2012

A small finish...

I came across this little freebie at a blog that is quite new to me.  You can find this and many more patterns here.  I decided to stitch my little owl on natural glenshee linen using two colors of Gloriana silks.....Fallen leaves for the owl and Pecan for everything else.  It was a fun stitch and owls are so popular right now and I didn't have any in my collection.
I'm waiting on two patterns that I've sent for to come in the mail and I'm debating on whether or not to start something else till they get here.  
Better Not Pout - Cross Stitch Pattern
This is the first one from Widgets and Wools Primitives and is called Better Not Pout and the second one is

from Jardin Prive and is called Trop Chouette.
Maybe I should just stitch on my tribute piece, Fallen Roses until they get here.  I would really hate to start something and then have them arrive.  I'm really wanting to start some Christmas stitching and the Better Not Pout one I just love.
Well that's all for now.  For those who didn't know, Vallie had been very sick and is feeling much better now.  I took her to her doctor and she said she thought it was an parasite that had gotten into her intestines.  Yuk!!!!  Two different medicines and $300 worth of tests later, she's feeling much better and is back to her old self.  She has an appointment with a new groomer on wednesday so I'll be sure to post a new picture of her new doo.
I hope everyone has a great week with lots of time to put in some stitches.
Blessings as always,


Judy said...

Your pillows are just adorable! Thanks for the links. Will have to check it out. I have not seen anything from from Widgets and Wools..but very cute design. Get well wishes to Vallie!

Judy, heartland stitcher

Carol said...

Very elegant looking little pillow, Barbara and I love the newest patterns you're anxiously waiting for... Sure hope Vallie is fully recovered from that horrid parasite! She deserves a good pampering at the groomer for her pain and suffering...

Barb said...

I love that little owl!

Annette-California said...

Love your pillow. The softness of the silks and colors are so very pretty...And I like your fabric you finished it with. Cute Christmas design..hmm I have to look that one up:) Poor Vallie, glad to hear shes feeling better. I bet you are to. You have a great week Barbara!

Valma said...

What a wonderful pillow =D
The owls you're waiting for look gorgeous
Owls give luck in a house =D
Very nice stitching again
big hugs to Vallie and you

Lida said...

Thanks for the link, I love her designs and have stored them to make some myself! The owl of you is looking great! Greetings

Vickie said...

Very nice projects coming up Barbara. I am sorry to hear about Vallie, thank goodness it is over. So glad she is off to a new groomer. :) I am familiar with that site, your freebie is great.

Chris said...

Lovely finish. I love your new charts, it is hard to wait for them to arrive in the mail isn't it.
Have a great week@

Sweet Sue said...

Cute owl finish, nice subtle colors. See... this is why I love bloggin, you've shared *Pout* which happens to be a *new to me* design, thx for sharin the love. Have a great week to come, sending cuddles for Vallie:)

Tatkis said...

What a lovely owl pillow!


Alissa said...

The pillow is beautiful! I love the way you finished it. I also love the Jardin Prive pattern. I would have to stitch that the second it came in the mail1

MoonBeam said...

Your little owl pillow came out really nice. You will love the Widgets & Wools piece. My LNS has the original right now, and it is darling. It's on my list to try to do by Christmas.


Mouse said...

awwww sorry to hear that Vallie hasn't been well ... hope she improves even more .... Bentley sends a wag :)

love your finish going to go and peek at the link thanks :)
and mmmmmm love your new patterns that you are getting and I think you should do some more on Fallen roses too :) love mouse xxxxx

Thoeria said...

Sorry to hear that Vallie wasn't too chippeR, BUT GLAD SHE'S ON THE MEND :)

I LOVE owls! They're my absolute favourite bird! And your's look just lovely :) Thanks for the links....going to check them out now!

Jenny said...

That freebie is adorable - I have to go check out the link next!
Your incoming charts are really sweet.

And why not start on something new while waiting...? (Come over to the dark side... LOL)

Bekca said...

Gorgeous finish Barbara, I love owls! Sorry to hear that little Vallie has been poorly, I'm sure her trip to the groomer will cheer her right up. I love the Better Not Pout design, I can't wait to see how you stitch it up.
Best wishes.

Catherine said...

What a sweet finish! Love the coloring. What great patterns you are waiting on. I love the "Better Not Pout"!
So glad Vallie is feeling better!!

Lynn said...

I love owls so consequently I'm in love with your latest finish! It's gorgeous Barbara!!
I think you've just enabled me as well after seeing those two new patterns. I'm off to check them out now!

rose said...

absolument ravissant,
j'aime beaucoup ce que vous faite

Mangogirl said...

Gorgeous finish. I love that little owl