Friday, January 20, 2012

Vallie pics and a Fallen Roses Update

I did get lots of this finished this week and I am now officially at the half way mark.  Blue is my favorite color but after stitching this I might have to change my mind. :o)  At the top you will see mother of pearl rose colored heart buttons.  I am planning on using these instead of stitching the hearts in.  I don't like the stitched ones and I'm not real thrilled with these rose colored ones either.  I've checked all my local stores....Joann, Michaels and Hobby Lobby and haven't seen anything I like better.  If anyone has a suggestion on what I might do there instead of the buttons, please post a comment and let me know what it is.  I'm hoping to have all the swag finished this weekend and then I can start the lady which will give me something new to stitch instead of just blue.  I haven't stitched on anything else this past week and I don't plan on it for the upcoming week.  If I am diligent I think I'll be able to finish it next week.....fingers crossed.

 It has been awhile since I posted any pictures of our little lady, Vallie, so here she is in all her glory.  She needs a trim and that will happen next week sometime hopefully.  She is actually pretty good for the girls at Petsmart where I take her to get trimmed.  The only thing she really hates is getting the hairs pulled out of her ears.  Apparently Maltese are known for hairs growing on the inside of their ears and these must be pulled out.  Can't say I blame her for not liking that being done to her.  I wouldn't either.
Vallie hopes everyone has a wonderful weekend and that you get some good stitching time and napping time also.  :o)
Blessings as always,


marly said...

What an adorable face your girl has! I looked up the finished piece and like the stitched hearts, especially the gold outline. But you don't, and that's what matters. How about doing the hearts in beads or stitched centers and bead outline? Her designs are just amazing.

Gabi said...

Great progress. Love those buttons. But if they don't make you happy, or the color doesn't fit, just leave the space open.
I would probably take a bit of scrap linen and play around with the roses to see if a bit of a change would make me like them better.

Gabi said...

Forgot complete to tell you that I find Vallie such a cutie. Can completely imagine that she doesn't like hairs pulled out of her ear. Sounds painfull

gracie said...

How about heart shaped beads? or maybe charms?
Vallie is adorable.

Carol said... sweet is that little face :) Tell Vallie, I hope she has a nice relaxing weekend, too, Barbara! Lovely progress on your Fallen Roses sampler. I actually like the hearts as charted, but those buttons are very pretty, too!

Sarah said...

Such a little cutie and I love the buttons.

cucki said...

very sweet stitching..buttons are looking so cute..
vallie is so sweet xxx

butterfly said...

Your stitching looks beautiful.

And little Vallie is so very sweet.

Krista said...

wow, you have made a lot of progress. It looks beautiful! I think the buttons are very nice it gives it a pop of color, but another suggestion would be heart shaped charms in a antique finish?

Vallie is a real cutie pie! :)
Happy weekend and happy stitching!

Mouse said...

ooooo you have stitched a lot and a suggestion here how about mother of pearl hearts instead ???? as I think those you have put there seem the wrong shade from the photo .... and the pearl ones would pick up the colours better ????
Vallie looks gorgeous and Bentley waves a wee paw hello and sends a wag :) love mouse xxxx

Kaisievic said...

Lovely progress, Barbara and Vallie is so cute.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Vickie Niggemann said...

Stitching looks great. Vallie is adorable! Such a bright, clean, pretty white! :)

Catherine said...

Lovely progress....I like the buttons, but Ike Mouse, think perhaps in a pearl finish would look good.
Such a sweet pup you have, and ouch on the ear hairs!

Redrodi56 said...

How about the rhodes heart for the stitched ones. I agree about the buttons - good idea - wrong color. At least as far as I can tell online. If you use a pearly button like mouse suggested don't forget to have one for the top as well.
Love the pictures of the pup - she's too cute!

Rita E in AZ said...

Vallie and your stitching are both wonderful. I like your buttons but I also think maybe some heart charms would work as well if you can't find a button color you like.
I can't wait to see your finish

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

I know what you mean about the color. It seems as if I'm only stitching black on the Polly Daggett Sampler. Yuk. I can't wait to get to the flower urns and the trees.
Your work is so beautiful. I like the heart buttons, actually.
Love Vallie, what a face! Adorable.

Anonymous said...

You are making beautiful progress with this piece! I love the dimensional aspect the buttons add...I agree with you about the color of the buttons. I was just on Brenda Gervais' Country Stitches site and noted heart shaped MOP buttons...I don't know if they'd be large enough but it's worth a peek.
Busy Hands...Happy Heart

D@isy said...

It's gorgeous, congratulations

Penny said...

Fallen Roses is coming along beautifully!
Vallie is so sweet - she makes me want to put my hand right through the screen and pet her. :) Poor thing, I don't think I would enjoy the ear thing either.

Nicola said...

I would definitely use the buttons, they look perfect. Its nice to personalise a design to make it look unique.

Vallie is adorable.

DJ said...

Oh, I know it's a lot of blue, but it's GORGEOUS!! What a lovely pattern! I can't wait til you start the lady either, I will have to stop back and watch your progress! What a cute companion you have there...her face is just adorable. *Hugs*

Bekca said...

Vallie looks so cute, and she'll look even more adorable after her trip to the hairdressers.
Your latest project is looking great, I love the idea of using buttons instead of stitched hearts, it suits the design.
Best wishes.

Mindi said...

Beautiful progress! I'm another person that's going to suggest some smaller mother of pearl hearts. The pink buttons seem a bit bright and maybe too large.

Vallie is such a sweetie. I don't know any dog that enjoys having the hair pulled out of their ears. We just had to do that with Annie this morning, since we noticed her ears were warm. Wouldn't want it to get so bad she gets an ear infection.

Mangogirl said...

:D great progress.
With the buttons they look good from here... but have you looked at different ways to stitch a heart? Maybe with a satin stitch? Would that look alright?

shazzump said...

Such a gorgeous little doggy :)