Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Second part of the SAL

I am just rolling along on the C Mon Monde/Threadbasket SAL.  I now have the second part finished and the third doesn't come out till monday next.....I got time to do some Christmas stitching!!!!!  As always, I'm doing something a little different with my sal.  I'm adding some specialty stitches into it.  On this part, I did smyrna crosses for the red and white berries along the sides.  I didn't think of doing this until after I had already finished the house, so unfortunately it doesn't have any specialty stitches on it.  Maybe I'll add something to that part....fence or maybe a chimney where I could throw some in.  Have to give that some thought when I'm finished with the other 2 parts.
Well I'm off to work on some Christmas ornies that I've been wanting to start.  Everything else that I've started, I'm putting on the back burner until after Jan. 1st so I have plenty of time to work on what I want to get done.  
Anybody else getting any snow?  Our daughter, Jenn, just added some pictures to her blog of the snow they are getting out in Colorado.  You can check them out here.  So cold.....glad I'm in Florida.  LOL
Blessings as always,

P.S.  I just found a fantastic blog.  It's called Amish Stories and it's loaded with beautiful pictures of Lancaster, Pa. (where I lived close to) and the best recipes.  If you've never tasted Amish cooking you are really missing out.  Just pick one recipe, try it and you'll be hooked.  So take a moment and visit this's worth it.


Mindi said...

Great minds think alike, I made my berries little Rhodes stitches.

Carol R said...

You are ahead of me Barbara! I've stitched snowflakes above the house and part of the left hand vine. I, like, MIndi used Rhodes stitches for the berries - not that I've stitched that many of them. I went out for a birthday dinner last night with my stitching friends so I have a good excuse!

cucki said...

hello dear, your sal is coming along so lovely..keep it up dear..
hugs for you and happy stitching xxx

Carol said...

Such a pretty SAL--I'm enjoying watching everyone's progress :)

Your daughter's snow photos are lovely, but I'm glad I don't have that view out of my windows today!

Penny said...

Your SAL is so pretty, I love the specialty stitches!
Fortunately our snow didn't really amount to much, although the icy pellets blowing down the back of my neck was still a shock. :)

CalamityJr said...

The snowflakes and border are so pretty! I'm really looking forward to seeing this grow.

Mouse said...

ooooo it looks very pretty :) love your idea for the berries :) love mouse xxxxx

Bekca said...

Beautiful stitching Barbara, can't wait to see the Christmas ornaments you are working on. Thanks for the heads up on the blog! Best wishes.

Catherine said...

Oh I love it!!! Can't wait to see more!