Saturday, November 5, 2011

The mess I call my sewing room....

 I thought you all would like to see my sewing room....or as I call it.....The Black Hole.   It's a 3rd bedroom so it's small and I try to make good use of the space but I'm terrible at organization.  I'm hoping Jenn will overhaul it the next time she comes to visit.  Hint.....hint.....
What you see above is my sewing machine and what I call my Wall of Silks.  I find that if I have them on hooks like this, I'm able to see all that I need at a glance and able to pick out what I need faster.
 This mess is my DMC, Anchor and my cross stitch linen center.  There's also some other fibers in boxes like my Mandarin, Needlepoint Inc. and Au Ver a Soie.  Also some of my favorite designers I keep in binder such as Just Nan for one.
 This is my yarn and finishing fabric center.  I keep the fabrics that I use the most in baskets on top of the dresser which holds most of my yarn.  You'll find yarn in other places too.....not enough room!!!
 In this dresser I keep my yardage of finishing fabrics.  On top is more yarn and also files with patterns I want to do soon.  On the wall you'll see how I keep all my circular knitting needles.  I was tired of them getting tangled in a drawer.
 This is most of my finishing supplies....boxes and such.
 This rack holds embroidery magazines plus small finishing items.  On top you'll see has all my Drawn Thread patterns.
And here are my new shelves to hold all the things I use the most for finishing.  As you can see, I needed those shelves greatly and they leave me so much more room to work.
Hope you enjoyed seeing my mess and where I hang out.  
I received the final part to Carol's SAL this morning and I'll be working on that today.  Also, I'll be finishing the sampler into what I had planned all'll see that later tonite.
Hope everyone has a "stitchie" saturday.
Blessings as always,


lesli said...

I'm jealous! You have an entire room to yourself for all your sewing, stitching and crafts!! I'm confined to a closet...but I guess that helps me keep my stash pretty minimal.

My favorite pic was the one with all your silks on hooks....I'm even more jealous seeing all those! :)

Mindi said...

You might not be happy with the organization in your room, but at least its all in one room. My stuff is spread out over 3 floors of my house. Its not so bad while I'm working on something, but it makes finishing a bear.

cucki said...

woww so much stitchy goodies..i love your room so much..i so much wanted one too..
finger crossed for my stitchy room too.
keep well and happy stitching xxx

Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

So nice to have your own space, would enjoy working in there with you!

Mouse said...

oooooo thanks for the nosey around your craft room .. it is lovely to see some one else just like me heheheh .... although at the mo it is a work in progress to get it back tidy after re decorating this last week :) those shelves are perfect for you too :) love mouse xxx

marly said...

Why do they make all these organization wall panels, hangers, hooks, shelves, and storage for men's tools and their toys, but we get little plastic boxes??

Carissa said...

I'm hoping that when we start looking for a new home to rent we'll be able to find a place that has either a family room with space I can utilize for a craft room or an "extra" room that I can use. We have to have 4 bedrooms, so it's not easy to find.

I love the way you have your silks hanging, that's a great idea. I don't have a lot of stash, so it all fits in a small 4 drawer dresser I picked up at a thrift store and a 3 drawer plastic storage organizer. I've got all my floss in plastic baggies that I keep in plastic shoeboxes - they fit perfect in the dresser drawers.

Solstitches said...

It's hard to keep a sweing room tidy. I no sooner tidy mine than I pull everything out again!
I love your wall of silks. :)

country stitcher said...

Love see your sewing room! I too have a small room with my stitchie stuff in it and it is also a mess.
Happy Stitching

Bekca said...

Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your sewing room, I am very jealous of your wall of silks. Best wishes and happy stitching to you.