Thursday, November 10, 2011

Joyous Heart Ornament finish

Don't you just love Homespun Elegance designs!!  I do and this one is no exception.  I finished it into an ornament my usual way and I discovered something in the process.  Pearl cotton makes for a great twisted braid and you also have an exact match to sew it on with by using the same pearl cotton.  It has a nice sheen to it that enhances the design and if you use DMC pearl cotton and DMC floss, you know your going to have an exact match.....what could be better!!!  This one is going on our tree this Christmas and do you see the little snowman's from JAB.
Onto the next project which I was hoping would be the C Mon Monde SAL but because of a snaffu on their part, I don't have part 3 yet.  I'm becoming very disappointed in this SAL as I really don't think they are very organized.  
I'm in the middle of designing my freebie Christmas ornament for this year.  It's a very simple design but holds alot of meaning for me.  I should have it ready in about two weeks so keep watch for it.
So now I'm off to get into trouble in my sewing room.....which I don't think will take too much effort.
Blessings as always,


Kat said...

Beautiful! Looks so lovely and delicate! :)


Bekca said...

This is such a lovely finish Barbara. I hope you have many happy hours playing in your sewing room!

Kaisievic said...

Your heart will be a gorgeous addition to your Christmas tree this year.

I am doing that SAL as well - but I have only just started with Part 1, oh, I hope that I get all of the parts. I really like the pattern so far. Good luck with getting part 3.

Hugs, Kaye xoxoox

lesli said...

Your ornaments are all so beautiful!! I'm getting an itch to put down my WIPs and start on ornies! :)

Can't wait to see the ornament you've designed!


cucki said...

this is really a very beautiful finish..i love it so much.
hugs for you xx

Mouse said...

oooo great idea re the perle thread :) lovely ornament and you get into trouble in the sewing room really ??? heheheh ... mine is almost fingers crossed back to normal ??? love mouse xxxx

Shpinelka said...

Beautiful work! I love Homespun Elegance designs. And this one in my plans ;-))

Penny said...

What a pretty ornament and the twisted braid really finishes it off beautifully! The little snowman button is cute! I love Homespun Elegance designs too. :)

Carol said...

Yes! Yes! I love Homespun Elegance, too! And what a darling ornament--thanks for the tip on using pearl cotton for the trim--great idea :)

Catherine said...

Such a sweet finish!!