Monday, October 17, 2011

Some fall scenes from Colorado

 I received some beautiful pictures from Jenn this morning.  It looks like autumn has come to Colorado and is painting the scenery with reds and golds.
 I can smell the cold crispness in the air saying that winter in all it's might is just around the corner so please enjoy these last colors while you can.
 How wonderful it will be for the children to go Trick or Treating in this cooler weather with the leaves falling upon their little heads and crunching beneath their little feet.
She also sent me this picture of the sky with the clouds rolling out and a new set of clouds rolling in.  Such beauty cannot be must be shared.  I hope you have enjoyed these beautiful pictures of Autumn in Colorado.  Please send me some of your little corner of the world so we can all enjoy  Mother Nature in all her glory.
Blessings as always,

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Anonymous said...

I love the fall colors. It is my favorite season exspecially since my birthday falls in the fall months. Not much color left here in Iowa were I live to send. The last couple of weeks of high winds have pretty much stripped the tress of there beautiful reds, golds and browns. So I will enjoy your pics and keep fall a little longer in my minds eye. Thank you.