Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Some news and something to show you.........

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for their wonderful comments about my work as they are posting for the giveaway.  It really warms my heart to hear this from other stitchers.  I cannot thank you enough and don't forget the drawing will be on the 12th.  There's gonna be a couple of surprises, so stay turned.  
Now for the news.  I'm going to be opening another store that will be attached to this main blog.  In this store I'm going to be selling off some of my stash.  This means patterns, fabric, finishing items and anything else I can convince myself to part with.  I am doing this because my sewing room is being over run and pretty soon there won't be room for me in there to do any sewing.  I'm hoping Santa brings me an embroidery machine for Christmas this year so I really have to make room for it.  I know exactly where I want to place it, but there seems to be all sorts of things there now.....something has gotta go!!!!  So hopefully I will have all the pictures taken and posted by next monday.  

The above item is what I wanted to share with you.  I saw this on an English magazine website and thought someone might be interested in this.  What it is is a cover that you stitch for an IPhone.  Clever right?  Here is the link to the page where you do the ordering.  It seems to come in other colors than pink and they even give you patterns to stitch on it.  It looks like it made from that plastic vinyl you can stitch on if my eyes are seeing it correctly.
Well that's all I have for now.  I see our friends in Texas are still having such tremendous drought problems and the heat must be getting unbearable.  I know it gets hot down here in Florida, but every afternoon in the summer we have an afternoon storm which at least gives you the illusion of reducing the heat.  Please say a little prayer that this is over soon for them and that they get the rain they need so badly.
Blessings as always,


Catherine said...

How cute to stitch your own cover!! I'll have to check that out!

Is that a picture of your dog? So cute!!

Mouse said...

ooo well done on the hoping to reduce the stitching stash for the benefit of others heheheh ... seen that link and it looks way cute .. not sure DH would approve though ..lol love mouse xxxx

Bekca said...

Looking forward to seeing your new store, stash is always good :) Love the iphone case, it's such a cool idea. Best wishes to you.